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  • dissolved organics testing

    How can I test for dissolved organics. I think mine may be running high. Just lost my best fish a shiro to a bactrial infection still waiting for some test to come back from lab.for what type. Should have answer early next week. ammonia and nitrite are 0 ph is 9 morning and night. Just trying to figure somethings out so we don't have happen again. thanks marc
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    do a search of the net for ORP meters for testing. Also Foam fractionators will work on removiing disolved organics and they can be build or purchased quite readily . Again the web is a good place to check for DIY. ( do it yourself)

    I think your asking alot of your koi to run them at 9 PH. Mine is 7.8 and i cringe at that! much over 8 and you start messing with the reds.
    Dick Benbow


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      gofish: From the way you phrase it, I have the impression that this was an internal infection, not an ulceration? DOC may be a symptom of a filtration/water change deficiency, and Dick's thoughts are on point. However, if the infection is internal without external injury/ulcer, there could be causes other than the water quality issues usually at the root of a bacterial problem. (I am thinking of a Shiro I lost a year ago due to egg impaction/infection.)


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