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how do I lower my ph?

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  • how do I lower my ph?

    hi everyone.. I had a quick question.. my pond has a ph of 8.2.. and when
    I had aquariums I added a solution from my local pet store to
    lower/balance my ph.. is there anything of the sort for ponds? or how
    would I go about lowering my ph besides doing a water change, because I've
    already done that? thanks..
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    Is there any particular reason you want to lower the PH? Is it steady at 8.2 or higher until you do a water change? What's your tap water PH?

    I used to be concerned with getting my PH down, when I started my pond it was at 8.6-8.8 but as my pond matured it has slowly come down to 7.9 over time.

    PH fluctuations are not good, if you PH is staying around 8.2 I'd leave it before I would add anything........
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      Not bad advice! they key here is what your source water is. Thru a trickle 24/7 you should be able to bring down slowly your pond's PH to match the tap atleast.

      Try and stay away from adding chemicals as they disappear almost as fast and the yo=yo effect ( as advised) is not good for your koi. Unfortunately I have not found anything like when I had aquariums that's applicable to ponding!
      Dick Benbow


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        My tap water is testing between 8.5 and 9.0 on any given day, so PH is pond has been higher than I would like. The PH would drop to around 8.0 to 8.5 in about a week's time, but then another water change and back up it went. It did not make sense to me try to fight the PH with a chemical war. Then I remembered I needed to put a new filter cartridge into my inline water filtration system and now the PH of the tap has dropped to 6.9. I am assuming this is because of activated carbon in the filter, but I am guessing. Is your tap water really alkaline?


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          well i thought a ph in the high 7's was more ideal and I heard that mid 8's are not good for the hi.. so I wanted to know what you guys thought.. thanks for the advice.. I won't be adding any chemicals in my pond and my ph is pretty consistent.. so I guess that's good..

          I'm not really sure if my water is really alkaline but I was wondering what you said about using activated carbon.. activated carbon drops your ph that much? I just bought some recently online but I haven't used it yet.. if my ph went from 8.2 to 6.9 that would be horrible..


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            Definitely horrible! Test your tap water and see what you are putting into the pond so you know. I do not know the scientific dynamics of the effects of activated carbon - I only know there was a big change in how my ph read after putting the cartridge back into the filter. If your PH is stable and the fish seem OK, I wouldn't fool with my PH if I was you.....just keep an eye on your ammonia levels.


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              sweet.. that helps alot thanks.. I intended to use activated carbon because I always used it for my aquarium, since it made it cleaner and clearer.. but I guess if I use it for my pond I'll increase the amount little by little.. not a whole lot as once..


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                Jen: That is a peculiar effect on pH. There must be something in your water that is both basic and adsorbed by carbon. Usually activated carbon has little effect on pH, with a tendency to push pH upward a bit by removing tanins etc., not down. Always important to check out your water. Understanding the source water can be so important.


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                  I thought it was pretty weird myself. Came home from dinner and retested water again reading around 8.4 , more what I am used to. This isn't quite as scary.....I was wondering earlier what the heck was in my water to be such a drastic change! Could have picked up a surge of trace elements / sediments earlier since I tested the water right after turning the main back on so read more acidic. Don't know. Will carbon take out elements that effect GH / KH from hard water that could effect PH? THe relationship between the 3 confuses me somewhat. So, now I still don't know how to keep my PH lower either.....


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                    I used to sleep easier when all I thought I had to do was remember to use a chlorine I worry over salt, PH, KH, GH, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, temp., DOC, etc... Somebody just sell me some decent water!


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                      haha.. I know how you feel mulberry.. clean decent water would be oh so wonderful.. but testing our water gives us something to do though right? haha..


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                        I should send you some of my water, out of the tap it is

                        Ph 6.5

                        Kh 0

                        Gh 0

                        TDS 30




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                          Chris: Perfect water for some tropicals, but so mineral deficient not much would do well for long. (There are some African tetras that I could never keep because they needed just that sort of virtual pure rainwater.) And, pH crash would be a daily risk. So, what do you do? Shells in the filter? An additive?

                          Nota Bene- When testing the source water, test it immediately out of the tap/wellhead. Then test again every 5-10 minutes until all parameters test the same over a half hour period. Often you will find the pH increases, and Kh can change. This will not only tell you what your water is like after CO2 and other gases exit, but also how quickly the stable point is reached. This can be useful knowledge when doing water changes, etc.


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                            Hi Mike
                            I put Lith Aqua in the filters, pond runs at ph7.8 kh30 gh30 tds70.

                            I would like to drop the ph down more, but it will not move even by putting less Lithaqua in the pond, within a day of the lithaqua going in it will go to 7.8.

                            Wondered if I used oyster shell, I would have more control over the ph

                            As you might be able to tell our water is spring fed.



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