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If you had one weakness in the hobby what is it....

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  • If you had one weakness in the hobby what is it....

    Everyone, seems to have a weakness or lack knowledge in some part of the hobby. If there was a few things you wanted to brush up on what would it be? Me I am more in the Koi side of things and my main weakness is filteration knowledge. I know the basics but putting into science like some of the people on the board do amazes me...
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    Ok I will bite!

    I think I have many weaknesses as the hobby has so mauch to offer in all corners of the pond. But I can tell you one that really is interesting to me at this moment is the different traits of bloodline. Yes I want to leanr more of lineage. The lines go so far back. I think my many trips to Japan really gets me going on knowing the breeders history in koi. To me this is really cool without a doubt. The learning keeps going on and on. So for right now that is what I want to concentrate on. But I could change it up a week from now.

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      Weakness? How about strengths instead? Hmm actually nevermind......Don't have any strengths and not enough time to type out ALL the weaknesses...Wait I do have one strength. I know enough to know I don't know enough.

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        I never was able to figure out the differences in AKCA, Shinkokai, and Zen nippon arinkai judging standards. Many times I'm asked to explain a GC decision and i can't! Might be nice to get a better handle on it. Not to be able to agree with but atleast understand.

        to me when a company is run by an individual it eithwer makes it or not. When a company is run by a board many great decision become a lot less by comittee. I kinda get that sense when there is three or more judges.
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          Telling tategoi from tateshita. I definitely need to spend more time on that.

          Hopefully doing some culling and picking of the small ones will help my eye. Nothing like picking through 20000 fish to hone that sense, eh?


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            Well, I still have old Rinkos to read from 1995 to 2003, then other old mags piled about 24" high, and one of Kodama's books and several Japanese show books. I try to keep up with the 5 mags I subscribe to as published. When I get done with the background literature, it will be time to go to Japan and time to acquire one or two good fish. ...every step I take in learning, I find there is more to learn than I had imagined. I'll never get the experience of working on a koi farm for a year; and I doubt I will ever engage in my own breeding program. I wish I had JR's scientific knowledge; DickB's sense of the nature of nishikigoi; the understanding of pigments and their genetics only a breeder attains; and the mechanical intuitiveness and orderliness of a certain engineer. There is always so much more, which is why koi fascinate so much.


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              Apart from all of the above, keeping stocking low!!


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                Breeding interests me, and knowing what fish with what fish will produce "this" fish. What 2 fish do you pair to get Goshiki, Budo, Asagi, etc.

                And of course culling is very interesting to me as well........
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                  My weakness koi buying! But on a serious note, I would love to intern at one of the Japanese breeders to find out as much about koi and husbandry as I possibly could and understand his bloodline and learn how they develope and what to look for from spawn to oyagoi.


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                    Of all the weaknesses I have, the worst one is having NO restraint or patience when it comes to getting what I want. This is not just in the hobby either. I need to take more time and learn more about the things I enjoy before jumping in with both feet!
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                      If you had asked this a year ago I would have said blanket weed (stringy algae) I had it so bad I WAS CONSIDERING GIVING UP THE HOBBY. Now since I changed my filter it has dissapeared completely. Wheter this is by cance or design I don't care. It's gone and I'm glad... period. With that done I can worry less about water issues and concentrate on breeds and blood lines. I need to learn more but that is simply a matter of putting my brain to work and learning it all.

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                        I don't know enough to know what my weaknesses are.



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                          My weakness is I spend to much money on the hobbie. If its koi well Im ready to buy, just like the ponds that Im trying to get started, I want to have and I want to have and I spend, spend , spend, I think it a rich mans hobbie and Im not rich, Im getting poorer by the day thinking Im going get rich doing something I love. No money coming in and I just keep spending Its simple for me if it koi anything, I willing to learn


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                            So much to learn! The deeper I get into the hobby, more areas of knowledge open up to explore. My natural interest leans towards learning about the koi themselves, i.e., varieties, qualities, breeders, bloodlines, etc. Classifying and comparing koi is a source of endless entertainment to me. Still only able to ID the more recognizable parasites under scope so working on health care. Also start to get brain paralysis with water quality and filtration issues past the basis level. Greatest weakness is amount of time & money already spent on koi plus constant daydreaming about being able to spend MORE money and time on them in the future. Y'all already know..........


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                              The longer I keep koi, the less I know

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