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  • Ozone

    Anyone here use it? Where did you get your info on what was required, i.e. size unit, technical requirements.

    I've done searches but not a lot of technical info on "this unit will work on this size pond", and such.

    Is it just a experimentation using meters to determine what is required for each application?
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    People using them want the Total Residual Oxidants to be at least 1 ppm. The easiest way to monitor TRO-related compounds is an ORP meter. I'm not sure what the ORP reading should be, but its probably at least 450.

    I think it is dangerous and counterproductive to use ozone. You want to encourage a balanced ecosystem with high biodiversity within the pond. Ozone nukes a segment of that ecosystem and retards biodiversity. It will not necessarily nuke the things which have the greatest potential to do harm and will certainly destroy things which are beneficial.

    -steve hopkins


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      I agree totally with steve's assesment! dangerous stuff!
      Dick Benbow


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        I agree too,

        I've just been curious as to the technical side of them. I understand how they work, but there isn't much info on them as a whole.
        “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” Adolf Hitler



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          At 450 with ozone, you will be having a slight problem with keeping the koi alive, anything above 350 and you are entering dangerous waters



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            Roark's comments on Ozone

            Here is a pretty good thread from Roark in which he discusses seeing Ozone in actual practice during his visit to Steve and Mary Height's this past weekend:

            Yesterday went like this:

            Savannah and myself arrived at K-Ville promptly at noon-thirty. Prior to arrival Savannah had delivered the obligatory "Mary is a redhead / behave yourself / no drooling/groping/oogling/etc" lecture. Humph!!! Thusly warned, we arrived, and Stephen was waiting for us having just rolled-out the Black Carpet.

            For those non-ponders following along, don't take the Black Carpet treatment wrong. Those of us in the SeKriT PoND CluB know that it's an old and established tradition which eventually became the Red Carpet Treatment... but that is another story. Suffice it to say this Black Carpet looked astonishingly like a liner and underlayment cloth that would fit nicely in Mary's new pond.

            Needless to say we felt right at home.

            So its up the driveway we go and.... pause. Fish. Lotsa fish. Big 'uns! Sure I'd spent a few hours ghosting the underwater cameras a K-Ville, but they simply don't do S & M's fish justice. Colors just POP in the clear water. And the fish are dog-tame. (And their dog happens to be fish-tame as well. I'm thinking hidden somewhere on the grounds at KVille is a genetics laboratory designed for crossing canine and piscine traits... but to even suggest such a thing might violate the non-disclosure agreement I signed on the way in. heheheh).

            Momentary pause here so your Hung-over StoryTeller can find another Advil. My head hurts. Where was I? Oh yeah...

            Fish. Stephen has a few. And they're lunkers. And you can actually SEE them clearly all the way to the bottom. That's a neat trick in Florida sun when you're half a block from the ocean. How he does ithis will be addressed later-on. But for the moment just take it on faith that this boy has some *excellent* water. Really-really.

            So while Savannah is busy making oohing and ahhhing and clicking noises (that last bit would be the camera, folks), I went to see the filtration system. (She's good for hours in ohh-ahh-click mode. Occasionally however I have to remind her to breathe. hehehe)

            In the koi world, Stephen is known to be a bit hyper... but I wasn't previously warned that he is a bit deaf as well. I clearly asked to see the FILTERS and got taken to the nuclear REACTOR room instead. A mile of piping later, I realized he *had* understood my request and the error was mine. We were, in fact, looking at his filters and not a containment vessel for a nuke. And they're big-uns, too. My mistake. But to describe them would require a violation of the non-disclosure agreement. So you'll have to see 'em for yourselves, in person. Line forms to the right, and if he charges admission, you'd be well-advised to pay it. You'll save a bundle in the long run by seeing how filters are properly done.

            After making male bonding noises in the Nuclear (Bio)reactor room, it was off to the Pump Station. Not many ponders can boast a pump ROOM, but Koiphenvillve does. When I ran out of fingers and needed to start counting my toes, I quit counting. More than a couple of Lim's in the bunch, too... which, IMHO, speaks very well of the owner. (A shameless plug there... did ya catch it? hehehe).

            Stephen and Mary (a redhead!!!) are big believers in ozone, which is something I tend to like as well. So I spent about 5 minutes touching and feeling both of his generators. He's got a big one... and a monster one. And an oxygen generator feeding both of 'em too. When things got too obscene in the Ozone Bonding Department, a gentle cough reminded me that my tour wasn't finished and if I needed more time I could come back and have a few more quality moments later. Ahem.

            So now it's off to inspect the Control Room. I'm going to bet that Stephen either watches "The Simpsons" reruns or has actually been in a nuke plant control room. Either way, he's done a grand re-creation of the technology. Monitors. Computers. Meters. Gadgets. Cameras. And of course, Ringo Starr at 2000 watts. But even with the music, the constant hum of pumps and machines gently permeates the room. In the Control Room you've got your finger on the pulse of KVille..

            Stephen invites me to sit an the Master Operators Console. With a stern warning along the lines of "don't touch anything", I finally get to sit in the Seat Of Power. I'm commanding Koiphenville. Switches. Dials... Roark is in HEAVEN!!! "MR SCOTT!!! I NEED MORE POWER!!!"

            Just kidding. I don't need any more power. In fact, at the moment I'm not exactly sure what to do with the power I've already got.

            "Hey Steve. What's this thing do?"
            "Roark... that's called a coaster. You put your drink on it. Like this."

            I knew that.

            Steve assures me there is no need to panic if something goes amiss. Even though we're at Ground Zero, problems won't reach nuclear proportions. Redundancy, in massive quantities, is built-in to this system. Seemingly as proof, Mary sticks her (did-I-mention-she's-a-red) head in to inform us that Nuclear (bio)reactor #2 is leaking. (Previously, Stephen and I had been goofing with it. Predictably, it saw me coming and decided to leak a bit). Steve grabs me, I grab my drink (off of that funny looking coaster that I could have swore was a radiation gauge), and we bolt into the Tool Room. Stevers selects an impressive-looking pair of ChannelLocks, we don our radiation suits (ok, I made that part up), and it's off to fix The Problem.

            Except the Problem doesn't want to be fixed. A few thinly-veiled threats and a tap or two from the pliers yields little. Steve wants to know if this calls for more magarita mix. ("Yes, Please"). And a bigger wrench. And maybe a hammer.

            But along the way back to the Tool Room we get distracted. "Have I shown you Mary's new pond?" Nope! So off we go. Past a steady stream of large, sweaty guys moving dirt the old fashioned way. (Mary won't let Steve near a backhoe anymore. I'd tell you more but... yeah... you guessed it... that pesky NDA!!!).

            This clearly is going to be a nice pond, once they get the Black Carpet into it. At KVille, even the lilly's will be well-pampered. I'm silently wondering how long it will be before Stephen figures-out there isn't a camera in it and seeks to correct the problem, when Mary (a redhead!!!) offers me a refill on my margarita. Those two words that get me into SO much trouble utter-forth yet again: "Yes Please".

            Savannah, Mary, Stephen and myself retire to lounge chairs pond-side. Savannah is still being woefully impolite making "oohing" and "ahhhing" and clicking sounds to the exclusion of conversation, but Stephen and Mary (RED!!! WHOOHOOO!!) are gracious hosts and ignore such misbehaviours. (Apparently it's a recurring theme and they're used to it. heheheh. Did I mention they have NICE fish? ). Eventually the battery in Savannah's camera fails and she joins the conversation.

            The afternoon slips quickly away punctuated by long chains of roaring laughter, a few dozen "Yes Please"s, and a single broken plate. (It isn't a party until something gets broken.). Savannah is now wearing her Disney Ears, Mary has her legs dangling in the pond (yep, it's *that* clean folks), and Stephen and I are working on a formula to split beer atoms.

            Unfortunately, the Bewitching Hour was upon us and it was time to say "Goodbye" to new friends. As we left (again, down the Black Carpet), Steven conspiratorily hands me a box and instructs me in proper care and use of the Box's contents. What is in The Box? Anyone who knows Stephen and Mary likely could guess... but I'm not talking. Could it change the face of ponding as we know it? Maybe. Will the neighbors approve? Likely not. Is it legal in Utah? NO. "Further affiant sayeth not..."

            Thusly goes the story of Savannah & Roark at KoiPhenVille. Now if I could just shake this hangover.

            "You can finally say you have enough horsepower when you leave two black streaks from one corner to the next".
            Mark Donohue, famed Trans-Am racer.


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              A very interesting subject to me! Here is a link to a Great Recent thread on Ozone. JR has some excellent posts on it


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