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The 42nd All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show

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  • The 42nd All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show

    Hi All,

    After a short visit to the Dainichi Koi Farm, where I have helped with catching the show Koi (10 pieces in total), I am back in Tokyo. Today we made the drive from Dainichi Niigata to the showgrounds in the Tokyo Ryutsu Center, which was a travel of almost 5 hours. After the release of the Koi, I made a quick round through the vats and had put my attention on the 18 Go-Sanke which are bigger then 85 cm. There were five Koi which are really competitive for me, I made some pictures of them. Check out to see them!

    Kind regards,

    Bram Rohaan
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    I know its just a picture... but the SFF Kohaku is a VERY impressive looking beast
    Larry Iles


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