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The theory of pattern size when koi grow.

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  • The theory of pattern size when koi grow.

    People say that pattern will get smaller when koi get bigger, but it doesn't seem that way. Pattern seems to clean up but not smaller....Any opinion on this? Plus and examples of Tosai pics to Nissai Pics would be cool.
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    You hear that repeated a lot, thats how it was old school. Most lines now it is no longer true.


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      I recall JR talking awhile ago about how the better lines of todays koi have a more elastic type of beni. One that actually stretches as the koi grows instead of shrinking back into the white ground. Probably was posted over on NI. Hopefully he'll see this and give us a lesson


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        I do not have enough experience to know....had been told when brought Kohaku home a few years ago that hi pattern may "pull apart" somewhat as he grew, so he would potentially develop a nicer pattern as 2 step. So far, his pattern has stayed consistent in proportion and shape. Are changes in pattern size / proportion indicative of koi quality at some level? I have a lot to learn.


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          I do feel that patterns 'ride Up" on the koi as it grows. Big heavy patterns that sit too heavy on a tosai look great when they are 4 or 5. The biggest movement or stretching comes in the barrel shaped shoulders area. I do believe today's
          modern skin and beni has improved but for my selection, like to find beni patterns on tosai that atleast come down to the lateral line.
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            can someone with pics of their kohaku which had "overwhelming" hi pattern as a tosai and now has an "ok" amount of hi pattern as an adult koi post them please.

            i echo aquitori's question: myth or fact?
            the only people who can answer this are those who have grown these kois from tosai to a big size to see the difference in the pattern


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