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    I just got my latest addition of Nichirin and was pleasantly surprised. Finally there was more content than a billion Koi pictures (not complaining about the pics, just the lack of good articles). Even though the idea about the overview of the different farms and family members is not a new thing and is being done in other magazines, I still like their approach, found the articles to be good reading and as usual, wow, what nice pictures.
    I know that many of us have been hungry for more articles in the magazine and have even expressed this to some of our leadership in America. I also know that there is a move on their part to do just that, so I am hoping that this trend I saw in this issue will continure.
    Since JR posts to the board and knows what I am talking about, and has even promised to do some articles for Nichirin, perhaps if others on the board would express their opinions on the latest issue it might help him reinforce the idea to Japan.
    BTW, did you catch the last pages in the new edition? I was really surprised, but pleased to see an article by Americas very own Erik Johnson DVM pubished. I didn't think I would ever see that.
    Hey, here is another idea. Wouldn't it be nice if they added a my dream pond section (in addition to the one we have) that showed some American and other countries ponds?

    What do ya'll think?
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    I agree with you Rod. Good articles will only improve Nichirin and make it more interesting.


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      I used to take the english edition Nichirin and felt it was wanting in just the area's you detail.
      What really frustrated me was when comparing a particular edition to it's Japanese equivalent edition there was loads of other stuff that didn't get included in the english edition.
      I never knew why but did wonder if this was why I felt, as you do now, that the english edition was lacking in some areas. I don't even know if this is still the case but a guess that it is would seem favourite.

      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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        Which is what makes K-B such a fine alternative!


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          Looking forward to this issue Rod. My complaint with Nichirin is that the photos are doctored and tweaked so severely. I like to see Koi as they are, flaws and all. If a Koi has yellowish skin, or imperfections in the beni, I like to see this. There are so many subtle details (good and bad) that get washed away in these "centerfold" photos.

          What do you guys and gals think of manipulating photos?

          Best Wishes,
          Brady Brandwood


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            Well Mike, I think I like the compliment instead of aternative when it comes to these two magazines. Which one compliments which, makes no difference. I would prefer not to give up either one of them. I now have subscriptions to not only these two mags, but also Koi USA, Nishikigoi International and Koi Keepers Magazine. The cost is killing me for all of these, but they each have their own look at things and all very good publications.

            Brady, I agree with you on the pics of the Koi. Tell it like it is. I wonder how many Koi sales are lost because people see pics like these and pass trying to achieve the goals set by those pictures. The sad part is that 99 percent of the people into Koi couldn't afford a Koi like that if they did find one. Yep, show it as it is so that we can truly appreciate Koi.

            Speaking of your next issue, how about dropping me an e-mail, I've got something to talk to you about.

            Rod L.


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              was a zen nippon arinkai member forever. fact # 10 on the NW list.
              dropped it all last year out of frustration and passed the word back that when they quit feeding adults pablum, to let me know. picked up
              KK and renewed NI which I found was better than nichirin. haven't seen the magazine since but nice to know maybe somebody's listening.
              actually from my point of view I have enough european/american viewpoint on the hobby, i wanted a straight japanese view since the approach is different and gives us a different prospective. propbably why I
              like K-B so much.
              on the lighter side, that's why I can never find a good asagi...ah so deska!
              Dick Benbow


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                was thinking about my last post and thought I should have asked about Rinko. that was my absolute favorite and when they went out of mag form and strictly computer we went our separate ways. does anyone get
                that service? how does it stack up against what else is out there? there's one article in an old rinko I re-read every few weeks entitled motherlike asagi, a feature on hosokai and his spiral the top of the all japan show
                in the 80's.
                Dick Benbow


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                  I took it for a year, quite frankly it's crap imho.

                  I shared it with a few other people when the download came in and none of them came hunting me down when the subscription ran out demanding that I renew, although i do wish Rinko would take the hint that as i haven't responded to the 'renewal' e-mail after all this time the fact they send it every month won't make me start again.

                  The biggest downside wasn't the information, although that was rather scant, for example they covered Momotaro and the 1m sanke in much less detail than Koi Bito has, really just scratching the surface, but the photo's in the PDF file were useless so basically you paid the money for some small articles and some Japanese adverts which were essentially the same each fortnight.

                  I've said it before and i'll say it again (no doubt many times), I honestly believe that Koi Bito is leading the way, certainly for what i want to read about.

                  Mark Gardner


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                    I have to agree with you about Rinko Dick. I had bought several copies at a store in the U.S. and when I finally decided I should just get a subscription they went internet, I didn't like what I was seeing and just dropped them from any more consideration.
                    I love KB and jumped on it from the very beginning waiting a long time from the time I paid up till my first issue (which had me a little worried about what I had done), but the wait was well worth it. Now days I am more worried about if my subscrition has run out and how to re-up for the next year so that I don't miss an issue (I'm already up'd for this year). Keep it up Brian!!!!

                    Rod L.


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                      I dropped Rinko in the mid 90s because I found the articles lightweight. As somebody else has said it was a pale reflection on its Japanese language counterpart. I've seen the odd Nichirin which I felt was better, but not by much. It wasn't until I saw the Japanese breeder interviews in the Dutch mag, that I became aware that I was missing out again. However, when I got them translated I still felt they were still short of the mark. It wasn't until the Bito interviews that I felt satisfied.

                      Now, moving forward, the next step is to see interviews with hobbyists, I know that's already been done, but it could be done better.

                      The Japanese side of the hobby is an important one, and Bito has that covered IMO.

                      ps - I've been told that there is a brilliant article in the latest Nichirin about a koipin website....

                      rgds BERN
                      South East Koi Club


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                        O.K. Bern, I did see that and guess I should have commented, but didn't BECAUSE it seems that with the AFKAPS show in Orlando comming up, you may be the only one of the four of you not attending. Actually, that is a little unfair and at the same time a hint, but I must admit that Norm has not said he is coming. I don't see how he can pass it up though with Toen and Mike being there. Want more info? The site is not totally up to date, but updates will be added in about two weeks when our webmaster returns.


                        Hell, if all four of you show up we might have to consider you guys for a booth or at least a talk!!

                        Rod L.


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                          There's actually five of us, Vincent in Taiwan. Toen and Mike will be attending AFKAP, Norm hasn't said if he is for definate, but I wont be. I can't get away at that time. However, the Show Chairman of my Koi Club will be, so they'll be a limey presence there.
                          I looked at the site a couple of days ago.

                          PS my copy of Nichirin is still in the mail.

                          rgds BERN
                          South East Koi Club


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                            Oooops, my bad Bern, sorry. I did miss one of you. Sorry you can't make it, but it was worth a shot. Would have loved to be able to meet all of you. Maybe some time I'll be able to make it to the big show in in your country and we can down a few. Unfortunately, I don't see that financially in my future very soon.

                            I'll be looking forward to meeting your show chariman. Just tell him to ask for Rod, he won't have any problem tracking me down. I will be really surprised if Norm doesn't make it. I know that he really wants to come, but may not be able to. He was a judge at our show a few years ago, knice guy and we had a great time. Although not quite the same, JR seems to be a Pin nut too, so we'll have to let him be your sit in.

                            Best to you Bern, I really did enjoy your article.

                            Rod L.


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                              Well, I certainly did not mean my plug for K-B to set off the criticism of Nichirin. I enjoy both, although K-B has the better articles. I think the 2 compliment each other as Rod suggests. It is neat to see the same fish photographed in both. Brian's photo is not "touched up".... at least those not re-printed from a Japanese mag. But, Nichirin is a photo album beyond what K-B aspires to be ... and I always enjoy the photos, particularly best in variety when can study non-gosanke progress better. As for internet Rinko, I get it. I enjoy it. But, I do not enjoy it as much as a mag I can hold in my hand. Color printers do not capture the quality of a mag page, and pic after pic on a screen hurts my eyes. I doubt I'll renew it, but in part that's because I still have a couple of feet of old mags I'm wading through.

                              If I could only have 3 mags, it would be Koi-Bito, Koi USA & NI, because they do different things and view koi from different perspectives. Let me have a fourth, and it would be Nichirin because of the photos and there is a Japanese cultural element involved that Brian does not completely capture, although it gets real close.


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