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Air stone and clarity of the water

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  • Air stone and clarity of the water

    Since I have put a lot of air through an air stone in the pond, I have the impression that all the little waste particule stay more in suspention and does'nt go so fast into the bottom drain. My water is not so clear then it was before, maybe because on the vertical movement of the water nearby the airstone.

    Do you think that putting the air stone on the last chamber of my filter (above the jap mat) I could have a better result?
    At what deep do you fix the airstone in the pond if that is the best solution?
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    I would imagine that all the rubbish now floating around in suspension was sat accumalating on the bottom before. Its better that it gets mixed around and slowly gets filtered out than leaving it rotting on the bottom of your pond.

    I think you just need to be patient and eventually it will become as clear as before but without the build up on the bottom which is a much better situation to be in.

    How long has it been since you put the extra air in?


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      the fact that your have mulm or particulates means your setllement chambers are not doing their jobs.

      I use air deliberately in my set up UNDER my J-mat to provide air to the bacteria and keep the mulm from settling on top of the filter mat. I want that area kept clean so i don't have to clean and disturb the colonies.

      perhaps your flow is too fast thru your settlement chambers or they are not designed to provide the job your fish load is providing.

      Maurice from the UK posts here on occassion. you may have seen his name and recognize it. he has on his website an article with pictures of what he did with static k-i for particulate trapping to waste. I suggest you look at that and see if it's something you can incorporate.

      keep in mind that this waste from the decaying of organics and bacteria is best handled from a water quality stand point with lots of air.
      Dick Benbow


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        Thank Dick and [email protected] , I have already change my filter like Maurice and Scott sugest, static K1 in a barrel in the vortex and fluid K1 in the second chamber, with air under the jap mat in my three other chambers. The filter seems to works well and the water clarity in the last chamber is perfect. Its one week now that I put the air stone in the pond and that make a big movement of water. Maybe [email protected] is right, I have to wait one week more to see if the water turn clear again.
        I know that I'm in overstock so the solution could be to add another filtration unit to the water coming from my skimmer. What unit would you recomend, an easy or a bakki shower ?
        Thanks again.



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          The eazy and the bakki provide different functions. The eazy is a mechanical filter just like your static k1 chamber. The bakki is primarily a bio filter. Since you mentioned being overstocked, I would guess you're more concerned with bio filtration. If that's the case, add a bakki.



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            Both the options you suggest are very expensive, I assume you dont have a nexus already? so you are looking at around £1200 for a nexus/eazy unit. If you are just looking for extra mechanical filtration to take the fines out then you would be better to fit a sieve after your skimmer. If you want extra biological filtration then a fluid bed filter after the skimmer is ideal. Both these options can be had for around £150 upwards depending on which model you get.

            If you have a properly set up static K1 chamber then you should get rid of the fines in a week or two so give it a bit more time first before you spend your money.


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