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  • To Play or Not to Play

    I was wonder what you guys and gals thought about these three koi as koi to play with. Do you think in time they might turn out to be anything good? Right now they are 6" to 9". I think the one is a male based on it's dark beni.

    So the question is cull them out now, or play with them for a year or so?


    Keep it simple, keep it straight
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    These two are Ogata koi

    Keep it simple, keep it straight


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      I like them, Tom...especially the top one. It sure can't hurt to see what they'll do in a year, and it may well be worth it. Cheers!

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        find homes for #3 immediately. #2 eventually and #1 in 2 years.
        Dick Benbow


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          Originally posted by dick benbow
          find homes for #3 immediately. #2 eventually and #1 in 2 years.
          From someone much, much farther back in the learning curve than most here - would you mind sharing a little bit of your insight: what characteristics of each fish tell you this?

          I will go out on a limb and put my 2 cents worth out here, so please everyone, tell me if I am misguided and by how far......

          #1 - He pattern is not perfectly balanced - b/c odome section looks weak and ends with hi too far towards the tail. But everything else is appealing to me.

          #2 - To me, this fish has too much red w/o balance of pleasing shape of white areas. Don't care for head beginning with hi and tail ending with hi. shoulder/back area seems messy.

          #3 - In photo, the body looks bulgy on left side. On his back, kiwa seem blurry. An inazuma pattern that doesn't quite make it?

          OK, I am being brave by posting this.....trying to learn!


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            The Maruyama I would keep to grow it out, has some what an ideal Kohak pattern, Out of the 2 Ogata Tosai I would keep the last one, the pattern is far more pleasing, it's kuchibeni an looks to be far more interesting. One thing I hate is Menkaburi...The only problem I have with Ogata Kohaks are the pinched nose.
            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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              I like the Maruyama also. The beni looks thicker on this one vs the other two. Also the spottiness of #2 and the stray sashi on the right side of the midsection of #3 doesn't appeal to me.



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                #3 - In photo, the body looks bulgy on left side.
                No, it's just the picture.

                Well, I know #1 koi will stay to see what happens with it. The #2 koi is one I never want to add. My wife thought it might be fun to add it. I'm guessing this one will go sooner then later. #3 I think I might give a little time in the pond. When fall comes that one might be gone also. I have never had to much luck with small koi, but I have never spend a lot of high quality small koi.

                Thanks everyone for being honest.


                Keep it simple, keep it straight


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                  I agree with Dick... #1 is the keeper for now.. #2 keep for a year or two though. Is it bigger than #1 and how much? But it is pretty small and would be nice to see how it develops..
                  Best regards,

                  Bob Winkler

                  My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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