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First photos of this years crop

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  • First photos of this years crop

    Half a dozen photos of some kohaku fry. I've just completed first cull of my oldest fry.
    Not great photos but the general impression can be seen.

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    looking good,

    could i ask which parent set you used for these and could you post an up to date picture of the parent set
    also please keep us informed of the growth rates...thanks.



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      hey maurice

      very promising koi, keep up the top work wish i lived in your end of the world. How many fry do you keep in your mud ponds and what length do you start doing your first cull

      There is no such thing as a zero maintenance pond but the closer you get the more time to enjoy your koi. Soft low TDS water is the perfect pond water.


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        It's hard to tell from the pictures, so I ask, is the shiro just pinkish, or do some have a bit of underlying Hi still to appear.


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          You must be happy with the quality. The skin looks great and some have very wide mouths for such small fry. How many do you think you have with any pattern?
          How old are they now?
          Jaco Vorster
          South Africa


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            Jaco, I too noticed the wide mouths. I think he may be on to something! (lol)

            You did hear he has access to this year's national GC and will breed it.
            Dick Benbow


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              I gotta say Maurice the Passion you have in Breeding has changed my mind a little.. Might have to try my hand in something easier perhaps such as yamabuki Ogon. Good Job!!!!

              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                Yes at this stage the shiro shows pinkish. You have to remember all kohaku fry are yellow, slowly any which are going to have patterns change very subtly, red pattern becomes orange, white slowly lightening to a pink/white tinge.

                All through their first growing season the colours become more intense and the white whiter.

                Below is a photo of a couple of others, I’ve never done this before, but I’ve enhanced the colour, this still leave the shiro pink, but the patterns are more defined.

                After a while you get used to or learn to predict the patterns, but for the beginner it can be difficult to spot the pattern breaks. Remember they do not all develop at the same rate, you maybe looking at some larger fry with well developed patterns and others, smaller just starting to break but all the same age.

                These are from Momotaro stock, the Male was the Baby Champion at the BKKS National 2003.



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                  I forgive you for enhancing the color....Can I have the upper one, please?

                  Very nice looking tosai. These have to be the best of your best.


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                    Originally posted by MikeM
                    I forgive you for enhancing the color....Can I have the upper one, please?

                    Very nice looking tosai. These have to be the best of your best.
                    Mike, your guess is as good as mine, I perhaps have 3/4 million I've not looked at yet and more spawning to do.

                    Looks better than last year!
                    Hope there may be even better as I have to produce one for growing on to get JR's $. I can't wait another year, I'm heading for 2009 BKKS National.
                    Gota have faith in yourself.


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                      The fry in the top batch of photos are 7 weeks old, the 2 together in the last photo are 6 weeks old.

                      The numbers are only my estimate, but the first kohaku pictured in pond 13, I'd say the pond had 100,00 and the others in pond 9 have around 200,000.

                      Although the numbers are double, pond 9 has had the best growth and at this point in time is the best from 7 ponds in use.

                      I had another visit to the farm from Daisuke of Momotaro a week or so ago, he looked into this pond and said 'some very good pattans'.

                      I expect this pond to take 4 days to cull. Cliff Neale will once again be helping me this Thursday, Friday and the South Wales Section BKKS are coming to help finish on Sunday.

                      I'll try and snap some other photos, if anything really special turns up/


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                        Originally posted by Maurice
                        Mike, your guess is as good as mine, I perhaps have 3/4 million I've not looked at yet and more spawning to do.

                        Maurice, it sounds like lots of hard work - but fun at the same time. 3/4 million little fry.....that's lots of squirmy little guys and gals full of potential from your photos. How exciting! You must dream of tiny red & white fishies at night. Great things to come, I'm sure.


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                          It is really a delight to see your progress. Hat's off to you and Dick and others who breed. Me? I just go to places after the hard work is done and buy fish!!


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                            To Maurice:
                            Year on year, batch after next, your new spawns are improving.
                            Especially the Shiro Utsurimono and Kohaku babies., breathtaking!
                            Spledid great job! My admirations for a one-man-show!
                            Indeed enlightening experience for a tour on your site!
                            Best of luck for your heading towards 2009 BKKS National!

                            God bless! Masidon, BK.


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