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movin on, moving my fish, and putting up fishing line

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  • movin on, moving my fish, and putting up fishing line

    After three years my stay on Sado Island is coming to and end. I'm saying in Japan for at least another year though, and will move to Tokyo in August to start my new job.

    I am lucky I am allowed to take my ranchu to my new aparto, but I can't take a five ton pond of koi. Plus the new owner of the house won't want the hassle and cost of taking care of them. So I am going to convert my pond to an unfiltered goldfish pond.

    I found a great new home for my koi though. In the mountains of the southern part of the island a priest has a nice big mud pond out back of his temple. He has some nice healthy gosanke that he feeds well. Says he grew them up from tosai. There is not a natural spring, but he cycles fresh water into the pond often enough, and it looks like a good new home for my fish.

    Best part is he even said I could take them back any time if I want to, so maybe, ... I'll consider shipping some back to Canada in a few years if I have a pond for them. We'll see.

    The only thing he wants from me in return for taking my fish is that I put up fishing line over the pond he has had a bird problem in the past. He says he has all the equipment, I just need to do the labour. So this Saturday morning I'll get on with that.

    I have seen lots of ponds with fishing line in Ojiya, but I have never done it myself, nor really inspected if there is any particular method to it. I guess it is probably nothing more complicated than tying line to some secure posts, but if any of you have any particular advice you want to share, . . . that would be cool.

    Maybe I will see more of Brian next year. I am sure to discover a good number of Tokyo's best Beer gardens and Izakayas once I am there, If any of you pass through town, be happy to show you around.
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    well good luck on your move and new job! What a switch tho....from a quiet island to a busy bustling city!

    I ran 20 pond fishing line over my pond on foot squares. it took forever to set up
    but worked well. In the fall I would often come out in the am and find broken line and feathers from where the young borne in the spring was getting educated!

    I could get about 2 years out of the system till the UV rays of the sun would begin breaking down the lines.

    Keep in touch Matt
    Dick Benbow


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      Hey, Matt! Long time.. Sorry you leaving the isalnd. Sado is speciall place. I like it. Very nice to have visited the island and to see is.

      I did fishing line every 2 feet over my pond. we got heron as I live near the coast. Not far away abou 1.5 miles in the eucalyptous trees the herons nest their young. I sed to get visitors but no longer after the line went up..

      Works good.

      It's a living creature (chit happens)


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        Matt you got to do what you got to do to keep your hobby alive!!! Even if it means putting up fishing lines...Well, wish you luck in Tokyo and maybe you can help out with the magazine with Brian...
        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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          Good luck, Matt.

          ...BTW, when in Tokyo, are there still any of the roof top koi shops like in the photos in old magazines? If so, how about starting a thread and telling us about it? ...So unlike the U.S.


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