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    This has bothered me for awhile with the new format so i haven't said anything. but here's my thought...
    we are very fortunate to have the likes of Jim Reilly to share his knowledge with us on this board. every time I see a posting listing him as tosai ( some rank beginner in life) it bothers me. I don't wish to get in a heated debate over who deserves what ranking but what's the possibility
    of honoring Jim with a top ranking. just one person, one time. he's taking his valuable time and I'd like to acknowledge his contribution. maybe there's another way but i'd like to let him know he's appreciated. that's not to say we won't always take another view on something but atleast he'll know ON THIS BOARD he was acknowledged. Jim has done alot for this hobby both here and in europe and japan. i think something unexpected ( he wouldn't probably would want to be treated any different) would be something that ought to be done. anyway, would like to hear what others have to say!
    Dick Benbow
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    and can I apply for the title of "Court Jester"

    Brian if you want to designate someone superior to the others please designate me as a lesser being.

    I vote maurice, brady, etc be on that list too...where does it end?


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      Dick, I totally agree with you, but since I do not know many of the guys that post here from GB etc., I can't say that this won't become a problem with others asking for equal billing and causing a struggle. If so, I think Brian should step in IMMEDIATELY and put the thread to and end before it gets into a pissing contest.

      I vote yes for JR though.

      Rod L.


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        I understand what you are saying.

        In reality the 'tosai' etc status is nothing more of your indication of the number of posts on the board and can never be a measure of the quality of posts.

        IMHO i don't think anyone who has spent any time on the Koi BB's will take the 'rating' as a true assessment of the 'quarity' of JR's posts.


        p.s. maybe you'll rattle his cage and encourage more posts so he can be first to 'jumbo' :lol: :lol:
        Mark Gardner


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          I think the quality of one's posts can speak for themselves.

          The 'tag' of tosai, etc., is just a fun little thing that doesn't really matter anyhow.

          Here's a useful one: a tag denoting 'dealer' or 'hobbyist'.


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            Jason: You may the right approach, if not the right terms. In the 12 months or so since I stopped being a lurker only, I've learned more from JR than any book. He is always testing my brain cells whenever we have an exchange. There is a Japanese term for for a teacher-mentor. I seem to recall it relates to Shinto. My gray matter is a bit fuzzy right now, having spent a chilly feeding time with a bottle of red. Perhaps Brian can recall the term. ... 'twould be far more appropriate than a term describing the number of seasons in a mud pond.


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              Best of both worlds (Iken!)

              I think Dick's suggestions has merit.

              I am also a member of a local(Thai-language koi board: which could assign special names(e.g, VIP) to individual members. At the same time, it uses similar titles based on the number of posts.

              Regardless, I think JR is a "tobi/jumbo" of whichever classification he belongs to. :idea:

              Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                Hi Mike, I think the term you are looking for is Sensai, or something close to that.

                Personally I think messing around with these post count values is a no brainer. Who's qualified to judge who's who?.

                Lets leave it as it is, an indication to the number of posts made.

                However, I think Mark Gardner should be a Tobi by now :wink:

                rgds BERN
                South East Koi Club


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                  What 'picture' are you thinking of when you say Mark is a Tobi?
                  Regards, Bob
                  ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º>
                  <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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                    Mark only suffers a ‘little’ from the age-old problem of English bred koi.
                    And I’m just a pond mutt, plain ugly!

                    So the list goes from 'Grand Champion' JR, all the way down to me, 'Pond Mutt'.
                    Have a nice day,
                    PS Mike Snaden, is suffing from 'Dropsy'.


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                      Let's just say - I wasn't being kind.

                      rgds BERN
                      South East Koi Club


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                        I'll say just one thing.....

              's a good job i can take a joke otherwise i would :cry: :cry: :cry:
                        Mark Gardner


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                          Actually Mark, maybe there is something more involved here.

                          You know that old expression "Many a true word said in jest"?

                          I think that applies......

                          What's a Tobi ? - a young fry who's growth accelerates away from its peers.

                          Well, didn't we all start on this new forum as fry? and who is leading the way post wise?

                          God I'm perceptive, and I don't even realise it half the time.

                          rgds BERN
                          South East Koi Club


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                            It seems to me that posters such as JR and others stand on their own merit. It is obvious to any (even rank beginners) that some of these posts are very thoughtful and based on much experience. That said, to ask for a special recognition by whatever means is fraught with problems. The usual understanding is that these boards are public domain and Brian would take no liability for any views or procedures suggested. By endorsing an individual, does that "pierce the corporate veil" so to speak? Additionally, would Brian be bound to include the many others that we all know have a direct and positive influence on the hobby? Just as the "cheese stands alone", IMHO I think each post should stand alone.
                            Thoughts from a Newbie,
                            Jeff R. :?


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                              that's very nice to honored the special ones who really special.


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