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  • an observation, light conversation

    last night as i was " putting the carp to bed" I watched the 10 little blue indians
    zooming around their net inclosure. They would jump out of the water not like
    parasites were bothering them but exactly how I used to see small trout jump at sunset. Simply for the shear joy of living. It was the first time I have seen koi do that. i had the sense that maybe it's something fry do. Kinda like at 4:30 when the birds of the neighborhood raise a "din" for about half an hr in conjunction with sunrise. after that you get an occassional chirp but not the big roar to welcome in the day.

    for many years I had my great big show koi only. I can't tell you how much fun these little guys are giving me just watching them grow and learn. I missed that. I don't know what it is but it's real. Maybe similar to what we feel when we get a new kitten or puppy. ( except I can't hug my baby blues) but then i don't need a big supply of newspapers either! (LOL)
    Dick Benbow
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    Well its just like kids they like to play, and when its raining they love to play in the rain, they jump alot then. I have a bunch of small koi and they love to take off paired up in a race across the mud pond, at times they take a flying leap into the air. Small koi are just like kids they are fun to watch playing, you never know what to expect out of them. Who know may be a day a the gym for them LOL.


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      Looking forward to seeing the pictures as they develop as i am sure you will keep us posted with you fabulous babies



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        Gazza, they zip around pretty fast to get their food and I'm not sure that camera of mine is fast enough! We'll see....
        Dick Benbow


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          You know as well as me that Asagi are pretty wild. I have a 17 year-old in my pond taht insist on doing his jumping routine every morning.

          Only now he is more careful to do it in the middle of the pond. When I first got him he jumped out and landed facing the pond wiht his head hanging over the water. He was wagging his tail like to swim back into the pond.

          I went out and lifted him up (he was so quiet he must have known what I was doiing) and droped him into the pond.

          Like I said, his trebulations are more careful now,


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            I have often seen my fish breech, and it looked like they were doing it for fun.

            Glad the light moments are back in your life, Dick!


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              One of my fish would get a stick up his butt and jump every now and again (never out of the pond), I woke up Sat. morn and he wasn't in the pond, I walked around and he was out in the dirt all covered in leaves, dry as a bone, I picked him up and got 1 breath out of him, so I held him under the waterfall for 30min. and got him back going. Took him 24hrs. to get back to kind of being normal, then I got home late tonight, and he had jumped again, but I wasn't here to save him this time.
              “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” Adolf Hitler



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                Sad story woodyaht... been there too.

                Our 4yr soragoi fm has taken to breeching, like Shamu at DisneyLand LOL She didn't do this last year, but every so often throughout the day she makes a big splash over the BD diffuser. She's the largest koi we have in the pond at just over 20", seems like she's just showing off - literally throwing her weight around...

                We have some 7-8 week old koi fry, some take to jumping out of the water at feeding time... it's cute to see little gaffers splashing about.

                Thanks for sharing Dick. It's nice to enjoy the little things about this hobby... and for me it's not often I get to sit by the pond to do so anymore.
                Backyard Puddle


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                  there is a story told that's very true about spots fishing. That as a kid or in the beginning it's the joy of going fishing. after that passes it's catching the most. then the biggest, then just having time to be able to fish. It's so true with koi. You seem to go full circle to arrive back at the place you started.
                  I started out to have a pond to accent my japanese garden. Then i wanted to have one of every color variety. then just show fish. Now i'm back to watching my asagi and glad just to have time to do it. I don't show anymore. But I do like to manage a few benching crews during the year. Portland, oregon's show is coming up the last weekend of this month. Don't know if i'll be attending yet.
                  Always went with jo ann and stayed over night but she's still recovering from open heart surgery. We celebrated our 35th wqedding anni today.

                  I need to get over and see your pond someday. Any photos of the Asagi of yours? has it aged well? Did you know the breeder?
                  Dick Benbow


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                    Dick Happy Anniverary! Smith and I will do 30 years this November. Happy ones all of them.

                    I have a 24 inch guy who likes to jump, so far has a 6th sense for water and has always hit it dead centre, even in the small pond where he overwinters inside. Straight up and down again but he makes a big splash. Funny, the rest of the time he is the slowest in the pond. He even jumped out of the tub and into the pond one day... nothing but net so they say!!!


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                      Dick, you mean the 17-year old Asagi I mentioned in another thread (jumping and all). This is a koi that Tony got when he started in the hobby. He gave it to me when he built the filter system for my new pond 7 years ago (before we got in business together).

                      It was 10 years old then (that is when he jumped out). He is now 17 and very healthy; does his jumping routine almost every morning to impress the girls!

                      I am not sure of the origin. It looks like a hybrid Narumi/Konjo, not quite as dark as konjo but not light blue. He has a LOT of personality; he will not leave my pond even as try to keep only female (he is a doll and harmless).

                      He has a distinguished feeding habit: he locates were the most pellets are then swimg under that spot and slowly let himself go down with its mouth wide open, creatin a water vacuum and swallowing pellets. He is the only one of my koi eating this way.


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                        Our new Asagi is quite the active little fellow as well. I can see his white nose breaking the surface of the water in the mornings from the kitchen window - looks like a trout rising! He is the only fish in the pond that seems to notice when insects land on the surface of the water. A few nights ago he slurped up a lightening bug that mistakenly landed in the pond - I don't know if it was confused by the reflection of its own light in the water or what - but he got munched up instantly.

                        He also seems to have a natural instinct for which trajectory to cut across the surface when I toss in a handful of pellets to suck in the most food in one swipe. I've had to resort to feeding the bigger Sanke literally by hand (put the pellets into her mouth at the edge of the pond) because the rascal sneaks up and takes the pellets from her open mouth otherwise. (She's a little slow. She sorta just hangs there in the water with her mouth open and misses most of the food. I figure she must be near-sighted like me!)
                        It looks like the Ochiba now has a rival as the smartest fish in the pond. I have really enjoyed watching my fiesty blue fish make himself at home.


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                          I understand Dick. I find myself spending more and more time sitting on the bank of the grow out pond watching the little guys romp around sometimes well into dusk.

                          BTW Happy anniversary to you and Jo Ann. I hope that her recovery is going well.



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                            I sure appreciate my KB family. I enjoy hearing about your koi and appreciate your well wishes! Nice to know there are others out there that like having an olde blue fish around! thanks all!
                            Dick Benbow


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