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A week in heaven!

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  • A week in heaven!

    I have just returned from a week at Momotaro Koi farm. I have had the most amazing week you could wish for. I cleaned the submerged BHM systems on the 1500 ton pond, one of the 500 ton ponds allowing me indepth knowledge of how they work and the principles behind them. I also had the chance to ask if they were to be built again what changes would be made. Observed the first and second selection Showa culls. I even assisted in the first cull of some Kohaku. I have been asking questions every day and have leanrned more in a week than I did on my past 2 trips to Nigata. There will be some awsome koi coming out of the ponds in October. I am left speechles as to the harshness of selection and all comes back to quality without compromise. Awsome!

    I look forward to returning later this year.

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    Lucky You!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll have to fill us in on all the nitty gritty details when you have time
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      A week in heaven.

      I need to transfer some pictures from my lap top and down size them. I hope to do this over the weekend or some time early tomorrow morning if this damn jetlag is still there!



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        That would be great Jules.Can't wait.
        Jaco Vorster
        South Africa


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          Sounds great mate and i bet you loved every minute

          Well done look forward to seeing the pictures especially you in the filters covered in BHM!!!!!!



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            Can't wait!

            ....I am jealous.


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              I quess I can appreciate what your saying. When you see certain things the first time it's quite the revelation.

              will look forward to your thoughts on BH and any revisions thoughts.
              Dick Benbow


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                Lucky Dog!

                I could only wish too apprentice for a breeder...

                It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                  Cannot wait to see and hear more about your stay.


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                    A few reminders of an excellent week

                    Here are a few photos of the week I had at Momotaro and a BIG THANKS go to Mike Snaden of Yume Koi for making this dream come true. Also an even bigger THANK YOU to Daisuke for putting up with my one man entertainment show This trip has injected new enthusiasm into my bones and I look forwad to the future.




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                      Oh, Jules, you are'nt going to get off that easy. Please tell all about it.


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                        Hi Jules,

                        Some of the pictures are thumbnails, can you repost the regular size pictures?



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                          A week in heaven.

                          Here are the photos again hopefully this time large enough for you to see.


                          I can't get a grip of this I will try again later
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                            A week in heaven.

                            Hope this works this time!

                            Picture 9. My Mentor for the week culling Showa
                            Picture 10. 3 Showa that made this round, only 6 more to go
                            Picture 6. Fry counting with Mr Maeda
                            Picture 7. Fry collection from the spawning tanks.
                            Picture 8. Collecting the last few fry.
                            Picture 5. Mike Snadens little pet. Can any one see the face on the spider?
                            Picture 3. Me helping scrub down a pool in preperation for a 1.2m Ochibure and 1.1m Matsuba.
                            Picture 4. The start of the submerged BHM chambers. The pipe work at the far end is where all the bottom drains come to.
                            Picture 1. A submerged BHM chamber with 500kg of media
                            Picture 2. Cleaning duties hoseing down the media.
                            Picture 11. The new tea boy at Jewels Ponds and Gardens, the other one is Daisuke Maeda
                            Picture 17. Some Kohaku that have reached the grade for 1st cull.
                            Picture 16. Daisuke and Mike discussing a good quality koi for this stage in culling.
                            Picture 14. My first lesson from Daisuke on culling.
                            Picture 15. I found one!
                            Picture 12. One of Daisuke's best of the day.
                            Picture 13. Group Photo. Without these poeple my week would not have been half as much fun, Thanks guys.
                            Picture 11. The flight back with Mike and I on the delayed KLM flight.
                            I hope you enjoy these pictures aas much as I enjpyed my trip to the farm.

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                              hi jules

                              did i see that right ? submerged BHM , is that as effective as when showered . how will it compare to matting or K1.

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