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introducing livestock into a new concrete pond

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  • introducing livestock into a new concrete pond

    Hi everybody I'm a newbie in this hobby. I just finished my concrete pond and I'm ready to pour water and add fish...I've read about washing the concrete first with vinegar. can you please help me with these? I need a thorough guide in the vinegar wife doesn't want me to put muriatic acid because of the fumes. Thank you. I need it badly...
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    I would fill the tank with water and let it set for a couple days and dump it at night. Cycle it three times and leave water in tank for 4 weeks, pH test the water, add a few fish, start up the filters, start up amonia cycle. Takes about a year for cement walls to be totaly neutral and green things to flourish. Put the vinegar in your salad. My 2 cents.


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      Is the pond raw concrete, no sealant of any sort? I recommend using a sealant.


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        Oh boy...With a fresh concrete tank, if you are going to seal it, it is the right time. Nice clean porous surface begging for a host of products. Probably more products than my wife has beauty creams. If I told you what I use you would think I was nuts. My only recommendation is be sure someone else is using the product and it works for them with your exact conditions. The concrete will cure in time and it might leak too depending how good a job you did....Oh boy


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