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Who knows Maurice Cox in the UK?

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  • Who knows Maurice Cox in the UK?


    I would appreciate whoever knows Maurice Cox, telling me how to make contact with him -

    Thank you,

    Grand Cayman
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    He's the guy that posts on here under the name Maurice.

    The guy with the thing about snow and Tim Waddingtons feet (don't ask)

    there were several mails on Motown's Niigata thread.

    rgds BERN
    South East Koi Club


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      hi lee you could go to maurices web site where his contact details are, hope this helps you.



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        Maurice Cox?

        Thank you.

        On another board there are several "articles" written by someone - however, the 'someone' never says, who they are?

        There are also a number of photographs and koi shown...

        This same person may have also designed a trickle tower that I want to know more about...

        However, again...this person never indicate's who 'they are' (who the person is)...any where within any of the articles (other than on the bottom of one of the photos, it says, copywriten, Maurice Cox.)

        Therefore, either Maurice Cox wrote these articles and this is 'his' page or site, or he only took the photographs?

        However, if he designed the trickle tower, or he knows who did - I am interested in hearing from him?

        Simply - I am curious in finding out more about...this trickle tower. And, if Maurice did design this trickle tower, I would like to speak to him.

        Thus, if anyone knows who to find Maurice. Or, if he will reply, himself, that would be grand.

        Much appreciated,

        Grand Cayman


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          Paul, thank you...

          Dear Paul,

          Thank you.

          I found the suggested site. Yes, indeed, this appears to be the gentleman who created the trickle tower that I am interested in knowing more about.

          I also saw his e-mail address on the suggested site and I have written to him, encouraging his response.

          Hopefully, he will...

          I tried to find him via an internet search, but I could find no Maurice Cox in the UK.

          Which, evidences that 'our' Koi Bito forum is far more accurate, quicker and more efficient than the entire Internet!

          All the best,

          Grand Cayman


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            That of course depends what you are trying to find on the internet!!!

            If you are looking for young ladies offer all kind of unthinkable and mind boggling services then Koi Bito probably ain't a lot of use in finding them!!! :wink: :twisted: :twisted: :wink: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:

            Mark Gardner


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              Maurice is indeed your man for the trickle tower, he makes them!
              I am currently running one of Maurice's towers with bacci house media in it, so far so good.
              If you visit you'll find he's a very regular poster there and there are e-mail and PM links to him also.

              "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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                Who, what, where, ME!!#
                My god what have i dun.
                PS Lee, I'm sending you a mail thingy.


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                  About time!

                  What do you think you've been playing at?

                  What time do you wurzel-chompers get out of bed?

                  rgds BERN
                  South East Koi Club


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                    Yer Bern, I'll av e no, I'z been up fer ourers.
                    I'z bin stan ding in a coold an windy field, takin dlivery of somfink spec-chal.
                    But dats my bus in ess.

                    Love from your West country, low class breeder.


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                      Hi Maurice,

                      Although you're obviously, famous, you're not the easiest guy to find...

                      Yes, indeed, your site is of great interest, however, if you would read it yourself 'try' to find anywhere wherein you state who it is whose written it; and, who it is who is providing all that good 'stuff'.

                      Yes, thank you... I found the site thanks to our colleague on this board.

                      I had thought your trickle tower looked darn interesting, however, I wanted to know more detail as I am interested in it for my own new pond...

                      What are the size of inlets and outlets, what is the size pump you're operating to bring the water into it and whether you then have a vat to drain it into (a holding 'vat' as I would like to do that so I can then pump that water up and back through a water fall)...and what size pump, you'd use for that purpose?

                      Is there a built in bottom drain to eliminate and flush out the dead bacteria...

                      What are the choice's of media? Etc, etc...

                      What is it's weight?

                      Can several towers be connected together?

                      Maurice, I've a whole bunch of questions. And, I anxiously encourage your detailed reply...

                      All the best,

                      Grand Cayman


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                        while not as famous as Maurice, I have been playing with trickle towers
                        for over 15 years and am known locally as the guy who knows about them.
                        if you need a second opinion or have any follow up questions let me know either on or off the board, i'll be glad to help!
                        Dick Benbow


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                          Richard...thanks, pal!


                          Imagine, if I could get JR, Roddy, yourself, Griff, Maurice, Greg, Trevor, Thom, etc...all into one room wherein each would give advice on how to design the worlds most efficient Trickle Tower - (and, then build it) it might look like an elephant, sound like a sheep, roar like a lion, but it would be the best darn trickle tower ever designed.

                          Of course, I need your help. Please.

                          In fact, my friend, I need all the help with this huge pond project (that I have now begun) that I can assemble.

                          Da' best back, t'ya, from -

                          Cayman Islands


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                            Ok my first post here, would it be possible to have any Q & A sessions left on-board. That way the lurkers can learn too!. I’m feed up with re-inventing the wheel, it’s too expensive!, as such I would like to take advantage of the immense amount of experience that a number of you guys (and girls) have.

                            Many thanks,

                            Gary (destined to remain a fry, for the time being!)
                            I reserve the right to be wrong (sometimes)


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                              The world is not static...

                              Dear New Friend,

                              I hope you come back soon and often. And, that you contribute all of your thoughts, skills and ambitions to this board.

                              Be assured, we (here) are also all the hobby.

                              Therefore, do not 'believe' that anything you don't know and that you want to ask - is an 'exception'.

                              The simplest question herein asked, has been asked before by someone else and will be asked once more long after you have had your reply...and, a new thread has replaced the question you had asked.

                              However, as far as reinventing the wheel. "Whoa, now!"

                              We must continue to reinvent "the wheel" as if not, we won't be moving our knowledge forward, nor our expertise or the health of our beloved koi.

                              Thus, it is mandated that we continue to share all that we know with each other, as well as, encourage others to advise, argue, comment, respond and suggest - what they too know. And, what they also think or what they too would without this give and take and without argument, none of us would have any opportunity to learn more than we now know.

                              And, I doubt any here would argue that all of us need learn far more...than we now know.

                              Therefore, be encouraged to 'add your two cents' whenever you choose.

                              I am certain that when Brian Sousa created this format that this was his primary purpose...

                    , join in, please!

                              And, welcome..."home".


                              Grand Cayman


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