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Nitrifying bacteria: light or darkness?

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  • Nitrifying bacteria: light or darkness?

    I'm having a problem getting the bacteria that convert nitrItes to proper levels. Both of the filter "problem children" are covered, properly aerated, good flow, etc. I know that they are the last of the bacteria to develop, but they seem inordinately slow to develop. Normally bacteria prefer darkness, but somewhere in the back of my mind I have a little niggling factoid that they like light in order to establish themselves.


    Lee B.
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    gee Lee, your use of a certain word makes me think you watch a certain program on the discovery channel!

    factoid: I run my bakki shower in full sunlight and my j-mat under cover. I don't know what bacteria likes what, but it works. maybe you need to have one of each!

    I always thought if i ever opened my own koi shop, I would use Monster Koi
    and have little helpful signs around the cash register called factoids!
    Dick Benbow


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      Darkness. Enough errant light and valuable surface will have competition with diatomacous (brown) algae and other less effective bacteria colonies. Perhaps you might consider seeding the filter with a commercially available culture. In general, soft water also immpedes bacteria colony growth. It shouldn't take more than 12-16 weeks to establish a filter bed.


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