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  • Hosakai Asagi

    What variety of asagi do I have? Read Hosakai interview in Koi-bito and KoiUSA and still have difficult time telling difference in 2 style asagi's.
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    Sorry, i missed your post somehow! yosh! I can't believe i didn't see the magic words that make me light up.

    You have a very classic narumi there!

    It look as if it is 3 by japanese count and by fall you'll have the blue fill in to where you can see the broader, whiter fukerin, to confirm my prediction.

    regards and keep us posted!
    Dick Benbow


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      Sundan: What is your pH, general hardness and alkalinity? I've not tried an Asagi because of my water conditions. I'll be wishing you great success!


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        Minnow, my jumbo 5 yar old Narumi, keeps her spotlessness in 7.8pH and 160 hardness water.


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          hi mikem,

          im researching the ph/gh thing in relation to asagis/etc and sumi development ...
          what is your water condition?


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            Aragorn: Over past 18 months I've gone from having source water pH typically in 7.4 to 7.6 range to consistently 8.0. (The local water utility put in new, deeper wells.) In the new pond the pH is running right at 8.0. There were a couple of occasions when it was 8.1 or 8.2, presumably due to exposure of some mortar along the top edge during minor rain showers.

            Total hardness is fairly consistently 180 ppm at source, but normally 140 - 160 ppm in pond. We have had a lot of rain this summer. I expect it has caused more hardness fluctuations in the pond than normal.


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              MINNOW jr, my tosai that's now up to 6 inches from 4 1/2 when i got/him/her
              in 7.8 PH and 100 GH. she was quite blue on her top when arrived but has lightened considerably in the present water. I have been feeding her and her buds 8X a day and in 79-80 F water.
              Dick Benbow


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                thanks mike.

                you do you have harder water than i do ...
                and mine did ruin an asagi, an aka hajiro and a kohaku (just one)


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