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Your opinion about that Sanke

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  • Your opinion about that Sanke

    Whats your opinion about this Sakai bred Ginrin sanke?
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    An unusual problem: The picture is so large on my screen I cannot get an impression of the fish as a whole, so hard to have an opinion on conformation. The Gin Rin is very nice. The Hi is strong for Gin Rin. The body seems thin. Male? The pattern is one that does not particularly appeal to me, but I think that in a pond the impression of the whole fish could be striking. I would not seek out this fish, but I think I could enjoy sitting by someone else's pond watching it.


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      I liked the koi very much. The GR photographed very strongly indicating a strong showing in real life. I agree with Mike that it appears to be male. I think you'll really enjoy raising it. Sakai-hiroshima makes some very nice koi!
      Dick Benbow


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