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Am I a young koikichi in this group or what?

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  • Am I a young koikichi in this group or what?

    I am turning 30 this october, been keeping koi for 5 years.

    I know the age range of keokoi, aquitori and some other
    koi lovers in the bay area.

    Just wondering about other members of this forum.

    I guess I am a baby compared to other members.

    Please share your info cause it might be good for some other advises besides koi stuffs
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    5 years here and 33 years old.

    ZNA Potomac Koi Club


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      33 years old, not sure when to start counting when I got into koi as I started with aquariums in 1988, but got my first pond in 2002.


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        into aquariums/tropical/goldfish/koi all together for over 50 years. Koi alone about half that!

        (no dirt is a lot older LOL!)
        Dick Benbow


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          been installing them off and on, bout three per year,for about ten years, I'm 38 and have had my own for 5 years, nice thing about building them for five years before I built mine was got some of the kinks out before building my ever evolving bio system.
          " I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy "


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            Ah, koiloco, let us just say that I had begun my working career before you were born. I had my first goldfish in 1954. My first aquarium in 1962. My first pond in 1964. My first koi in 1978. But my primary interests were in fish other than koi until the Second All Florida Koi & Pond Show. That is when I saw "real koi" in person for the first time. There are three people I consider most responsible for my interest progressing, one of whom I have never met in person ... DickB.


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              38 years young, I'd been keeping tropical aquarium fishes for 23 years, my first pond 800 gal in 91, a few domestic koit from pet store, recently upgrade my pond to 5000 + gal and getting interest in japanese koi since last year.
              Happy koi keeping
              San Jose California


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                MikeM, you beat me: I built my first aquarium in 1957. And I mean "built it". My father, a sheet metal worker, made me a frame for the tank and another one for the filter; I used window mastic (a kind of dough) to seal the glass sheets to the frames. The filter was filled with gravel, activated carbon, and fiberglass wool. The tank water syphoned to the filter and returned through an air lift. Wow! that brought up memories (the frame was painted light green :-)

                Fourty eight years ago one could not find all the stuff available in stores today, one had to buld stuff.

                It has been a long journey in fish keeping, lots of varieties. Today I only have koi (gave my last 260gal fish tank away about 4 years ago.

                Fish have always been good to me.



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                  Koiloco -

                  OK, let's say if you are a baby, I am probably a toddler.....or maybe more like a kindergartner.

                  Just hit 35 this year - (wow. when did that happen?) Keeping koi for about 4 years, had ponds for 7. Aquarium fish since a little squirt - so 23 years or so of fooling with fishies in one form or another. Still have a long way to go learning about koi, but absolutely love it.

                  You've started nice and young so you can spend all kinds of money on koi over your lifetime - woohoo!


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                    Aquitori aka Antonio aka Tony, just turned 32 and have been in koi since 1998 and aquariums since 10 years of age...
                    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                      Umm I am turning 36 soon! Yikes... well not really I dont mind. I been into koi 50 years less then Dick B

                      Have had aquariums since 10 years old. Then had a 200 gallon reef tank with all the bells and whistles. When the Enron thing kicked our but in Cali... I couldnt afford both koi and reef. So naturally the reef went ADIOS!

                      Now Bonsai is where my wallet goes.. That's about all that is interesting about me I guess.. LOL

                      It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                        33 years, from Australia. Started keeping koi when I was 14.



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                          I am 31 and have only been keeping koi for 18 months when i bought my first house with my girlfriend.

                          Got into the hobby in a funny way - my girlfriend wanted a koi pond but i did not know what they were so i bought her a aquarium to keep her quiet.
                          Little did i know that by going to buy tropicals i would see these great koi and 18 months on i would be building my second pond.

                          see link:-


                          "The target is within"


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                            So far, I am still the baby.

                            And Jen,
                            You are absolutely right about spending all kinds of money on koi. Before koi, I thought my music hobby was expensive. I had no idea!!! I still have to sell my music equipments and instruments everytime I want a new koi

                            But I know for sure they are worth every penny when I enjoy them after a long day of work.


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                              Holy Cripes!!!!!

                              You guys and gals are younger than my kids ... Dick, have we carbon dated that dirt lately...

                              Wheelchair pleasssssse!

                              Aloha! Mike T


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