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Aka Matsuba weird color change happening?

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  • Aka Matsuba weird color change happening?

    I got a Red/organe-ish Koi with black net pattern on it(I think its proper name is Aka Matsuba ) but the weirdest thing has happened his fins and whiskers are white ,as soon as I get him netted I will post pictures and I’m not talking a little white I’m talking a lot,! the black net pattern remains, it’s as if someone started changing the orange out for white and stopped at the core of his body!!!!!

    I Need to know if this

    1.) disease
    2.) normal
    3.) reversible

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    A loss of color of the sort you describe is unlikely to be caused by any sort of disease.

    It is not unusual for Aka Matsuba to become uneven in color, with some areas pale, giving a splotchy appearance that is not desirable. I am not aware of ones that became solid white. I would not be surprised if it occurs on some occasions, because the orange pigments of Aka Matsuba are often weak. I would guess that your fish is still young, under 2 years of age, and the pigments have not matured. Perhaps you will end up with a Shiro Matsuba. These are not commonly kept because the overall appearance is typically coarse and unkempt, but are seen among the flock spawned fish sold in the national chain petshops.


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      I see, I’m glad to hear this is not likely to be caused by any disease.
      Thank you for your response much appreciation


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