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  • Frys

    Hi all, Can you tell me what you think these fry will turn out to be. Some are yamabuki but the rest I dont know about.
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    every variety

    under the sun


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      I should have known you would be the blunt one so what else do you see besides the yamabuki? How on gods green earth do you learn to cull with fry like this


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        How old are they and what were the parents ?


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          Female Gin Matsuba, the female in the pic next to my username and two male Aka Bekko's The hi is just now starting to come in, they are still very young, about 7 to eight week old.


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            I would cull the deformed for now , then in another month or two give them another look . If I had plenty of space for them , I would cull the deformed and then cull them in the spring . The bigger they get the easier they will be to cull . At least for me , bigger they are the easier it is .


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              I have the room I just do not want to feed cull fish for to long and I want the space for the others to grow as much as they can. I think most breeder start culling when they are very young


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                First tell me it was an accident....noone breeds aka bekko to will have everything....
                Since you ARE NOT going to every do a breeding with Aka Bekkos ever again toss the deformed ones and ones with no color and set this spawn up to be big in April whem the Season for pond fish starts....sell em low and watch em go....
                Do not keep any of them....not one. You aren't going to learn anything from this cross that you won't learn by seeing them in the Spring.


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                  It was, I did not plan this spawn, it just happened in my main pond. The temps around her have been crazy and they spawned again in my pond resulting in these fry. Also they spawned in my mud pond and now I have a pond full of mutts there to I guess. Sure thing I will sell em low and watch em go.

                  Next spring I will have type ot type spawns Will be spawning two Momotaro Showa and two Momotaro Kohaku, if all goes well. How does 6 buck a piece at 6 inches sound?

                  The mutts with no color I will cull and thanks Luke.


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                    Patterns will show better in a couple of weeks. For now, I would at least keep ones that look like this...



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                      hey all,

                      yeah they arent much good but its still good to see youve come up with something. youve got fish happening kfg, not too hard huh. congrats anyways.
                      i ahvent followed any posts lately so i dont know how well you did or anythign with your ponds.
                      i recently went through a pond of fish from last years breeding and none of em were worth much more then 20 bucks. still even though i dont find thousand dollar fish it helps pay the farms bills and brings in the wages.

                      when you have a mixed gene pool you can score good but most often not, you can look all day and not be overly pleased, so if you do keep you can expect not too much.

                      ask yourself what fish you would like to keep and what should be sent out as a feeder or bait or whatever you do. that 30-50mm size would be your first and second cullings.
                      if you have any market at all for small fish why bury 30mm -50mm fish.
                      even if you freeze them into frozen feeder blocks. whatever.
                      anyone that says bullshit just has too much money and is being too particular about prize fish.
                      if your gonna sell 5 buck fish they should be atleast eye pleasing in their colours. not likely that markings will be so great but anyway its all money.
                      also you could soon ask whether you yourself would want that fish to be bred from in the in that way you shouldnt aim/try to find/produce a gem fish in amongst a bad cross to sell to someone that might likely wish to breed and expect some purity in its offspring. if you do sell it for topt bucks and someone wants to breed it they might well be disapointed..

                      i think that a lot of pure line breeders, or even someone educated in koi can get the poos with outbreedings. they pay top dollar for beauty and for quality/uniform gene pool.

                      not just that it looks good pheno but what its genotype is really.

                      on the other hand there are plenty of people wnating to buy a 50 dollar fish that will never breed and dont care as long as its got colour and pattern and size.

                      id say you could sell some of the yellow ones for about 6 bucks at 6 inches, i know i do.i mean not everyone has a need for a fish to be totally beutiful.. plenty of people will like a yellow or a red and white and dont give a hell for the name of it, everyone enters the hobby somnehwere.
                      so yeah go and pay for some feed and pumping.. why not.

                      if i know you youll be aiming for the purer stuff later anyways.
                      hold your head up high etc.
                      so yes best to sell that stuff young and cheap. theres plenty of offspring to come from good fish to sell for young and cheap whilst allowing greater chance of keeping something for bigger and more expensive that holds in its own good breeding potential.


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                        Truth is that likely none of these fry should make it to salable size. But, we all know how hard it is to get rid of something you've done yourself. My oldest koi is home-spawned by accident. In my view there are too many pond mutts. There need to be enough in this world to get people started keeping koi, but there is a gross over-production of pond-run spawnings. It hurts the overall economics of serious breeders. KFG, your few fish from this spawning are hardly going to make a difference. So, use it as a learning exercise. .... How to seine the pond so all the little ones go through the culling process, identifying deformities, how to feed, etc etc etc. Then next year you can be more ruthless?

                        BTW, where can you get $6 for a 6" pond mutt? .... somebody retailing them for $29.99?


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                          i dont know how it is over there but pond muts would fetch about 0.50 cents a piece in the uk where I live, and that assuming you can find someone to take them. As you have nothing to lose and have huge volumes of water I would just keep them all except the deformed ones and see how they go.


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                            In your situation as a learning "breeder", i like steve's approach about saving certain representative types and seeing what happens in the transistion. It will be part of the learning curve.

                            for those of you who inquired why would this initial cross be done, My answer would be it's a first step towards knowledge. as she gets more and more focused
                            on producing better koi she will change to choose parents from an individual
                            color variety.But for now it's about like getting a learners permit to drive. She's not yet applied to the Bob Bonderant school of high performance driving....(yet)

                            finnally you'll develop the mentality Luke is pushing and that's cull hard so that what you have is represntative of the breed and your's a journey,
                            I wish her well
                            Dick Benbow


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                              Thanks guys, Its reallly hard when you are not ready for spawning, I was glad that I have this spawn as I can see what these four koi will produce. Here is a pic of the parents, I was hopeing to get some Yamabuki Hariwake out of the bunch, and a few Matsuba Hariwake, and a few Kujaku, the ones that Steve is telling me to keep, the biggest yellow koi is also white along the lower half of its body, it looks like a Yamabuki Hariwake, I may not have anything but it will be a experience that I have not yet had, and I am sure I will learn form this spawn. These koi are from the spawn in my main pond, and I have thousand in the mud pond from another spawn, I wanted to get them out this weekend but they are still to small, going to wait a while longer, scared I will kill them trying to go at it to early.
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