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  • your opinions please

    Hi folks,
    I recently purchased these two koi. Both are tosai. 26cm & 30cm.
    I would really like to hear your opinions, so as to improve my appreciation.
    Positive and negative points welcome. Its the best way to learn.

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    Where do you get tosai like these in July? Both look pretty good! Congratulations.

    And, both look more finished than I would expect, particularly at this time of year. That causes me some concern as to what they have been fed recently. Other than saying that the body conformation is good, the pigments very deep per the photo for young fish and the patterns very attractive to my eye, I hesitate to try to predict without knowing more about them. I expect the pattern breaks on the Kohaku will improve it with age and the heaviness of the pattern will not be a problem. I would really like to have the Kohaku to watch grow on. If it is a she, I think you may have a find there.

    KFG: These are the result of some ruthless culling.

    Thanks, Tommy for the pics. It's a bright spot on a hot afternoon to see them.


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      good skin and body on both...cant go far wrong with those two qualities.

      the kohaku appeals to me the most. please post updated pics in 6 months or so



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        You done good...both very the shiro, but kohaku very nice also. Like Mike...a little finished for their age...but never the less quite appealing to the eye.


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          Dont worry Mike, you guys can help me be ruthless next spring Momotaro Kohaku and Showa pairs, I will need all the help I can get


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            Thanks for your comments.

            The Shiro is from Omosako. The Kohaku from Sakuma.
            Am I correct in believing, that these two breeders are known for producing young koi with strong pigment?



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              I think it is rare to find a shiro with sumi this intense at this early of an age. I see potential for disappointment as the fish looks like it is as good as it ever could be. I hope you have the right water and prove me wrong.

              The only thing that bothers me about the kohaku is the hi well up to the tip of the dorsal fin and what will happen to the pattern; will it break apart in the mid section or close together. I got surprised once from a three step kohaku that became a two step later in life.

              Yes, those two breeders are well known for those two vareities.

              Mike Pfeffer
              Mike Pfeffer
              Northern Midwest ZNA show
              June 19 - 20, 2010
              Season's Garden Nursery
              Fishers, IN


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                Yep the only thing in question is the red in the dorsal fin...let's hope it drops out.

                as to the shiro i gotta jolt there...looking at the thickness of the pigment...I always figure a Shiro utsuris pattern isn't set till they are three or four..or five.... and the thing to look for is just "some" quality Sumi in the pattern.
                i tend to think that the amount of sumi won't change as much as the pattern...

                Everyday I'd look at that Shiro and wonder why it didn't come close to what I was taught about the baby sumi going away and the mature sumi coming up, because as a tosai that should be happening????????????????????


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                  I understand what you are all saying about the strength of sumi. I too hope that it has not peaked to early. Still, something to learn either way.

                  I have a pic of its siblings. They are all pretty much the same pigment wise.
                  So tried to select based on white skin and preferred pattern . The one to the immediate left of mine (chequered pattern) was nearly chosen, but thought the head pattern might be to overpowering when and if it came through. Plus I thought the pecs had a male look to them.
                  Three or four of them actually came with certificates. Not mine I might add.
                  Hope you enjoy.
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                    Only the Kohaku is Tosai. The Shiro is in fact 1 year old. Hence peoples puzzlement.
                    My wrist is duly smacked.


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                      I see at least 6 Shiros in that bowl I would enjoy raising. ...Would make a nice sight to have a pond of just 6 Shiros.


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                        That is still dark sumi for a two year old on the shiro. I always like symmetry on the pec fins, but cannot see the entire fin on the far side to see if there is any possibility of motoguro.

                        The Kohaku looks overwhelmingly red right now, but will hopefully stretch out.


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