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  • aquatechnobel pond project

    I proposed the construction of my pond after 3 years without a pond, for this, I want to make it good because it is

    the last pond for me.

    facility is approximately 200,000 L with a waterfall of 15m long and 2.5m high plus and winter pond of 20.000L

    filtration with two lines, first line with paper filter as mecanical filter and Japanese mats the second line with

    drum filter and Japanese mats also, airlift fed of course, I provide special filter chambers, but we discus later on

    With all the rain of the expense weeks, my wall is falling down, setback but yes we are going anyway, and a solution

    is found

    To begin with, setting up of scrap for the foundations of the wall and poured foundations

    the form is visible, the circumference are now set

    My submersible pump is slightly contaminated with clay

    The concrete flows

    walls begin to rise

    The foundation of the pond bottom is in place

    First two blocks from the anterior part of masonry, the wall height To get to two blocks higher in bowls

    Today, the layer 3 is mounted

    view of the pond for the terrace

    the creation of the filter chamber is started

    A view of the dry portion of the rear to the front of the pond, 15m swim in a straight line

    So much for today. more later
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    I am going to ask JR to explain to me what U said...I am also going to need to cycle my pond soon and let him explain this to me...
    This is a question for U:
    Aquatechnobel says:

    the drum filter or paper filter take to many organic material out the pond, and the biologic filter organic material to work, so for starting the new pond, this short circuit will be activate the time needed to have the full nitrogen cycle, after we used the drum filter when the nitrite are 0

    but it is not all, after we used this short circuit time to time to hold enough shit in the biological part, else the filter do not work correctly, why ?

    when you have shit enough in the filter, the filter produce acid, this acid is needed to have a stable pH, when you don't have enough shit, directly you have a diminution of the bacterial activity and at the same time, reducing of the acid generation then the pH will grow up for a certain time the the bacteria activity raising again and the pH gauss down, the cycle continue for live time, with big movement on pH, no good !
    So the biological part need to be feed with shit at the time to maintain stable the bacterial activity
    that is typical for a very good mechanical filter system, sometimes to match is to match, but i solved with this short circuit
    [/COLOR] I dont understand:
    This is what I asked him...I dont understand his theory...
    Are U saying the U need to make the biofilter dirty in the beginning in order to promote nitrosoma growth and speed up the cycling of the filter.?
    How do U handle the ammonia then if U dont remove the shit on time???
    As far as I know...ammonia is soluble, and drum filter can not remove it...
    As far as I know shit encourages the grouth of heterotrophic bacteria, and heterotophic bacteria inhibits the growth of I see some contradictions here...can U explain?
    Then U say the shit produces acid...are U sure? I though it is the bacteria that does that...
    I know U have fluctuations of PH due to algae/plant activities...due to CO2 production....but did not know U get it from bacteria too.
    I dont see how the PH will raise and then bacteria activity raise...what makes it to raise????
    Yes U need to feed the bacteria...with ammonia derivatives...but that does not need to be in the form of shit...that will stop your bacteria from growing...Can U explain better the mechanism of your theory?

    ​Can U explain how that works...Maybe I have some misconceptions here...or simply dont know all the facts about bacteria activity???
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      Great idea & cool pond structure... its too difficult to build such a big pond.. good luck
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        the last picture of my pond begin November 2014
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