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  • Surfing The Advertisers

    If you have not checked out the various advertisers linked to this site, give it a try. I ended up at the Momotaro site, which I had not visited in a long time. They have little news blurbs and such ... just finished their second spawning (9 million fry produced so far), culling of 4" fry, photos of masses of Kohaku fry. And, Nippon Nishikigoi is a dealer in U.K. whose site I'd not visited before. Wide range of offerings on the site. I get so used to the banner ads, I ignore them. But then I find that they lead to interesting places.
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    Originally posted by MikeM
    But then I find that they lead to interesting places.
    Yes they do. I decided to click on one I've never been to.

    Very nice site. They have a photo gallery of their ponds. Thought it was a nice touch.

    ZNA Potomac Koi Club


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      saw your headline Mike and thought to myself, what other parts of the world would think or understand what was being said. is "surfing" the web a world wide

      understood term or just American?
      Dick Benbow


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        Surfing the web is used in the UK. By the way liked the video of the Kohaku fry on the Momotaro site.




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          Dick, you got me laughing so hard. I can imagine far too many things someone doing a literal translation of "surfing the advertisers" would think I was saying. LOL. ... So often when reading old Japanese koi mags there will be sentences that just don't make sense. Same thing, I think.


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