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New growout pond pics

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  • New growout pond pics

    Stopped by the farm today and snapped a few pics of the grow out pond.
    Just cant appreciate the color of these koi in this dark water. Farmer Pat
    says that the darker watered ponds deepen the color of his tropicals. He doesnt know why.............says it just does.......HMMMM Gonna have to check into this one. Hard to tell from these pics because the water is so dark, but he is definitly right. Cant wait to pull this pond!
    Just an observation.....out of the ninty some odd ponds on this farm, only four have this darker water. All supplied from the same well.

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    Hi Kiefer,

    My mud ponds tend to get clowdy from the clay stirred up by the koi and airstones. This makes green water more difficult to obtain and keep.
    The size of the koi are amazing and the colours looks great.
    You must be a happy man.
    Jaco Vorster
    South Africa


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      Coming along very nicely. Looking forward to seeing more! Well Done



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        By "dark water" do you mean it is brown?


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          Hello Mike

          All of the ponds are brownish in a way, but these particular ponds have more of a tanic brown color.


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            I expect there is a low pH, then. If you have a chance, take a pH reading. (If the tanins are really high, the usual test kits won't work because the tanins give a false color chart comparison.) We always read that koi should not be in low pH water. But, low pH in a naturalized pond is quite different from low pH in a backyard pond. That the high tanin level coincides with deeper, richer colors is worth noting. Is it only the red tones that are deeper?


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              I see richer colors across the board but more so with the red. Farmer Pat says that these are his ponds of choice for bringing out reds in certain tropical fish.


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