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Six new fish for your opinion!!

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  • Six new fish for your opinion!!

    These are the new 6 that have been quarantined and are entering my sterile pond!!! They are all 4-6 inches. Going from left to right..
    1 ginrin sanke- blackwater creek
    2 Kohaku- marudo bloodline, bred by blackwater creek
    3 beni kumonryu- blue ridge koi farm
    4 Kikokuru (pretty rare find I believe)- Blackwater creek
    5 sanke- toyoma-japan
    6 ginrin sanke- blackwater creek

    I have 2 other fish in quarantine, I will show them some other time. Tell me what you like and dont like. With my pond pretty empty, I am happy to have the new guys!! Thanks as always!!!

    If your desire to succeed is greater than your desire to fail, then you will succeed.
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    The fish have potential. My question is- How did you get them to line up like that for a picture?


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      I cut the tail off one of my old fish. I dangled it in front of them and said, "Attention!!!...allriight guppies, who's next!!!"

      If your desire to succeed is greater than your desire to fail, then you will succeed.


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        Really nice, Brut..,I think you'll enjoy seing them growing.

        But I would take out the last ginrin sanke and put a shiro utsury or an asagy just to have different patern in the pond.
        Enjoy them and good luck


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          Marco, I like the way you think! The Asagi suggestion was a good one. believe it or not blackwater has some nice Shusui as well.

          for my two cents, after your experience, I'd rather see you get all your new koi from just ONE source with no mixing. I wish you good luck in your new start. I know it's been a difficult experience to put behind you but congrats on not giving up or becoming discouraged. fingers crossed that the joy comes back in the hobby for you!
          Dick Benbow


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            They would be even better if they weren't upside down


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              My eye keeps going back to the two step kohaku.

              If you added an asagi, a shiro utsuri and a nice yellow yamabuki to your pond you would have a really pleasing group.

              Since you seem to be a born in USA man you might check out Lotus Land koi farm. Brady has some wonderful Yamabukis, sired by a fish named Double Yellow, I think he refers to him as Jethro or something like that. This is the yellowest fish I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few Bukis.The hen fish has a soft deep lusterous skin and is built like a brick house. The offspring have mom's build and skin and dad's color.


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                absolutely love that beni kumonryu, awesome pattern hopefully it doesn't all go black as it ages, nice fish and I cast a vote for "from one source" as well in this new life of your pond, good luck and keep a keen eye
                " I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy "


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                  Thanks for the kind words. I have been buying from 2 places. The reason I have so many domestic fish is Comets to koi fish farm is literally 5 minutes from my house. He runs a closed facility that only carries fish from Blackwater creek, which is also a closed facility. The owner, Steve Stone, is fish health fanatic..and a great guy. He lets me come in when the store is closed and gives me first crack at the new fish and great prices. They carry fish from good bloodlines..but all bred in the USA. The Bloodlines are marudo, suda, hirashin, yamazaki. I also love the high end competitive imports..and will hopefully have a crack at a few this weekend. I will be attending the pioneer valley koi club show in massachusetts. Hopefully I will have some outstanding pictures this weekend of new fish. But....I wil definitely quarantine with 2 control fish!!! My pond will just not feel the same without a sakai or torazo future champion!!! An omasoka utsuri will also make my day!! Anyway...thanks again!!

                  If your desire to succeed is greater than your desire to fail, then you will succeed.


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                    I think that #1 Ginrin Sanke is gonna be a showa in three years....and much better looking as a showa..the menware is coming from the middle of the forehead into the right eye and onto the lip.

                    Remember the poorly phrased a Showa with the correct Beni and bet on the should be "take a chance on the sumi"....


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                      Nice looking batch you got there. So what kind of microscope did you get?

                      ZNA Potomac Koi Club


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                        Nice start on your new crew. Gotta agree with a few other folks - add a yellow ogon, a shiro utsuri, and an asagi and you'll have a beautiful mix of color swimming around. Like the Kohaku 2nd from left. If hi on nose fades away and pattern edge on head cleans up it'll be a looker when it grows up - very pleasing.


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