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Overall quality or Name of Breeder?

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  • Overall quality or Name of Breeder?

    Just wanted to see how many people on this board when purchasing koi, does it matter who the breeder is or overall quality?
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    Breeder is totally irrelevant when buying the type of koi I can afford. If I was spending £5000+ ($10,000) and hoped to win shows then breeder would be necessary to determine if it has the potential to go on and develop as I hope, spending anything less and you are getting a fish that is never going to set the show world alight so its pointless.

    I buy totally and 100% based on what I see before me. Anyone spending $300 and looking for a named breeder is wasting their time in my opinion.


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      as i breed Koi for me the breeder and bloodline is very important,

      but also quality is just as important as long as i have a desired bloodline.
      if i wasnt breeding then i wouldnt mind what the bloodline was as long as the quality was there.



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        I like to know the breeder and breeding pair. That way I have an expectation of what lies in the future for my purchase based on what was accomplished in the past.

        I think it's vitality important to know what makes a quality koi so your not just buying a name without realizing that all koi are not created equal. But if you can ,put all things like knowledge and name together; I think that's the best combination.

        If i'm forced to choose between the two, it's know a quality koi when you see one.
        Dick Benbow


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          If I can know a breeder or bloodline its better. If that information is not available, I still will not pass up a great fish. I do not expect to grow a three foot submarine in my 7,000gal I look for skin quality and pattern. I dont care if the parents were jumbo monster fish!!

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