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    Alright guys, little help here. Havnt had much experience with flock spawn.
    As u probably already know, I harvested a flock spawning between my big female yamabuki and a host of high quality Dads, numerous though they were
    It of course resulted in a tremendous number of culls, but she did produce many
    interesting matsuba,chagoi, some HUGE yamabuki babies, hariwake and a few
    yet unidentified koi with very interesting net patterns. Here is one.

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    Hi Kiefer,

    Looks like all the scales were taken off.
    I have no idea and it would be interesting to see it when a little bigger.
    Jaco Vorster
    South Africa


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      Will definitly be sitting on thatone awhile. Will be interesting to see.

      Am amazed that know one else has offered an opinion.
      CMON guys..........This isnt a test!


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        Hi there , probably wrong but is it not a benigoi ??



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          same type of scales on my chagoi fry
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            Hi Keifer that is a little Aka Matsuba, I think with a little more time the center of the scales will be black, good one at that from what my koi encyclopedia is telling me. If the centers do not turn black then I think it would be a cull. On a good note I can see the sumi starting to develope in the center of some of the scales now. I would hold on to the koi for sure and let the sumi develope more. Reason I think you need to hold on to this koi is my Gin Matsuba looked like this when it was small and as she got older the sumi developed in the center of the scales. Keep us posted ok.


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              Originally posted by gregbickal
              same type of scales on my chagoi fry
              Maybe chagoi......not so sure about Matsuba though. He has other siblings that are matsuba and are already displaying the traditional matsuba patterns.

              Here is a little better shot of him/her



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                The only other thing it could be Kiefer is a Aka Hajiro from this pic as it is a better pic. Chagoi are brown koi, allthough he does have the scales of the Chagoi he does not have the color at all. Im thinking this koi just has a very good scalation. Your right it not a matusba, the good pic show that for sure. Also so you will know for sure that it not a Chagoi the young chagoi are brownish green in color. It can only be one of the two koi, if the koi starts to develope sumi in the center of the scales its a Aka Matusba, if not for sure it is a Aka Hajiro.


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                  Keifer, after studying the pic very close, Im thinking the sumi is starting to come up in the center of the scales, take a close look at the pic and see if you can see what I see, if not then like I said it can only be one of the two types.


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