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Aigoromo lost all colour... why?

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    Originally posted by koiloco
    I once had a momotaro sanke purchased at 10" with excellent HI quality. He lost all Hi at 16" and became a bekko!

    No spawning was involved and water parameters were always good (daily tested).

    Just one of many mysteries in keeping koi!!!
    this is what happened to my momotaro sanke in the space of a month

    he is the only one this has ever happend to in my pond


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      A really interesting development..maybe you could be in for something like the koi at this link...?



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        Aloha! MikeT We've noticed the same with the other koi(mostly gosanke) in our pond as well, and the growth! The Yokozuna seems like a very good food.

        Originally posted by aquitori
        Well, if the fish did spawn then it could have been the stress...but to me the best way to see how consistant the beni will be is the beni on the head. The beni on the head doesn't have a defined edge, meaning it is blurred...That sign is also a good way of finding good tanchos too...
        We've gone back into our picture files and really had a good look at Patch from the time he was brought home. Knowing better now what to look for... well the beni wasn't very thick. It's interesting too that the red spread on the head, he didn't have much when we got him - the bit on the nose grew up to the head marking. He also had more red over the body, especially between the shoulder and dorsal wrapping well below the lateral line which disappeared somewhat this past year.

        Loosing red is one thing, I still am not quite sure why the black went as well?

        vimes, that is quite a change, thank you for sharing it. It looks like some of the sumi disappeared on your sanke/bekko as well.

        Koi-Toys, if only that could happen with Patch. To at least have some colour back would be nice but I'm not very hopeful. Very nice story, thank you.

        Kind Regards,
        Backyard Puddle


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          Yes it happens to the best of us, I have a sanke from toshio sakia, Two weeks ago it was looking great now konoko With in the next week it should be shiro bekko. Great shame but it happens, I heard it can be to do with water quality what is yours like.

          brake san


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            Has anyone else noticed it seems like there are more folks losing hi this summer, or is it just that it is being discussed more? We've lost hi in the past on tosai usually after something like a power outage, but this summer some older koi have had more hi trouble and we thought it at least partly due to the extreme heat because our water is actually better than it has ever been. We finally got shade cloth to keep the water a bit cooler. Has it seemed to anyone else that there has been a rash of lost hi this summer? MJ


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