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    Hi AllI am hoping to get some advice on spawing koi. I am by no means a novice and have spawned fish for the last few seasons with good results in quality. I'd like to refine the process and get better hatch rates for starters. I was thinking of doing the following this seasonTo set the scene I am using a concrete pond system for the spawning - 1x 6000l 2 x 1000l and 1x 2000l - all interlinked - I can easily shift water from one to another.I plan to spawn in the 6000l with just oxygen going - once done I plan to switch on the pumps and drain the pond - and then refill from other tanks. Yes lots of eggs will be sucked away - but I will get plenty on the spawning mops. I also plan to add malachite green at this stage. I will run the circulation for 3 days and just before they hatch - I will switch off the pumps and go back to airstones. the pumps will again be put back in use once the fry are about 5mm to a cm (I have a foam cover for the bottom drains) At no point will the water level be above 20-30cm.Once they are about 1cm I will then spread them across the four ponds- still with a very low water level.Can anyone add to this? I do want a natural spawn and not had-stripping. I also will use one male. spawn the parents
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    I have been doing back yard spawning for 20 years and learn new stuff all the time, I find if you have the room and want to do a few spawnings, then set up a tank with 1000 gallons or more let run for a day or two while your spawning in another tank, then once they lay their eggs you can put the material that the eggs are on right into the clean water with airstones for maybe 4 weeks befor you start the pump... That's what I usually do, good luck, here are some of my babies from a few years ago HOME and here is some that are12 weeks old approx. koi babies - YouTube


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      Hi Quinton, glad to hear you are happy about the quality of your fry, when you talk about quantity , what sort of numbers are you after ?
      The first think I would mention, if you are NOT hand striping, one male is not enough !
      Even if you are most breeders would have several males in the tank to get things started. Then as the female starts to release remove the unwanted males.
      Down sides to one male, If he is NOT FERTILE you have no off spring ! If he is very fertile you only get a small % of fertilized eggs. As there will not be a big enough 'cloud ' of milt to cover ALL the eggs.
      I would go with HAND STRIPING then use a single male for 1/4 of each female batch of eggs.
      Mark bowls and keep RECORDS of which pair in each pond ( on growing )
      a good size female will produce up to 50,000 eggs.
      Bigger males are better,size means they are able to 'latch on ' keep close to release point of eggs.

      On way out fishing now get back tomorrow


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        Hi Quinton, How many females are you spawning ? If more that 1 do you intend keeping all the fry from each female ?
        What do you intend doing with all these Koi ? Have you got room for Mud Ponds ? What are you using for first feed ?



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