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Dallas Koi Show August 30-Sept 1

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          Best in size 1 - My home grown sanke


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            winners list

            The official winners

            Click image for larger version

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            It is what it is until it isnt.....


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              Originally posted by Tosai_Sunny View Post
              Best in size 1 - My home grown sanke
              Two thumbs up.


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                Thanks so much for taking the time to post the wonderful videos!


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                  Thanks for the videos, Sunny. ...Congrats to all the winners!


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                    Pete the Operations Manager at the Grapevine Bass Pro posted pictures of the Koi Show on the Bass Pro Facebook. He was contacted by the Operations Manager from Bass Pro of Houston wanting to know what was going on and if there was a Koi Club in Houston that would want to do the same thing. FLOUNDER...HINT ...HINT :-)


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                      Some more pictures of the show.Click image for larger version

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                        More Pictures

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Jennifer, hint not needed since Duc threw that in my face last night. Wish I could accommodate and bring the show back to Houston but the members here have gone through it all in the past and don't want to go through it again either b/c of old age or lack of interest or help or not enough young blood in it anymore but most likely I think all of the above.

                          The club sold all of the show tanks recently so it does not look good for a future show here.


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                            There are two clubs in Houston, our ZNA affiliate is a train wreck, meeting once a year and I've missed the last two meetings as they haven't seemed to master the skill set in sending out emails informing members as to the when and where of this annual occurrence. The other is the AKCA affiliate of which I am VP, newsletter editor, AKCA representative and rescue coordinator. Ryan is absolutely correct regarding his assessment of the situation re: age, help, and young blood. The club is vibrant, active and growing but demographics is the key factor in our decision to get out of 'show business'. As with any club, there is a 'hard core' that can be relied upon to answer the call for any club activity, that attend every meeting and keep in regular contact regarding koi health problems, pond problems, and all the collateral miscellany that accompany koi ownership. The problems facing this group is our age and health. I'm one of the youngsters in this group and I'm in my early 60's with a prosthetic leg and another youngster just had a knee replacement. Just imagine the setting up and breaking down a show with people in their 70's and 80's in the brutal Houston heat and humidity. Forget the oxygen requirements for the fish, we'd need the O2 for the workers as well as a paramedic standing by.

                            Yes, we have younger members, but their reliability was a deciding factor in our abandoning shows. Some of them we're lucky to see once or twice a year at meetings. This is not a condemnation of errant youth but they do have lives outside of koi and we've all been there and do understand. Between children, family obligations, business, and work, spare time for other interests becomes an absolute luxury. I would have dearly loved to see Houston put on a decent koi show once or twice a year but the logistics of doing so precluded this from becoming a reality. If the youngsters can't make a greater effort in attending meetings, what makes one think that they could be relied upon to carry the brunt of putting on a show? A year ago, I organized and hired a bus company to take our club to the San Antonio show for the day, the only youngster(s) on board were Ryan and his two daughters. Other than them, the bus might as well have resembled a coach trip from the old folks home.

                            The Lone Star Koi Club has to be something for everyone and appeal to all levels of koi sophistication. It's hard, it's damned hard to keep everyone happy. We make a point to welcome new members and keep them. Need fish? you're covered, building a pond? advice and tips out the whazoo. I had a chuckle recently when a newbie attended a meeting with his engineering designs for his pond. Within minutes he had a couple of centuries worth of koi pond construction experience going over his design inch by inch of his piping, calculating his true flow rates, etc. etc.

                            I'm rambling here and getting a few things off my chest. As with any group. the levels of knowledge have a tendency to separate into cliques, the younger knowledgeable ones regarding a meeting as a cheese and wine club, the neophytes afraid to open their mouths for afraid of looking stupid, some of the older ones with great knowledge grumpy and contemptuous of anyone who doesn't spend a grand on a fish, it's like herding a bunch of kittens and very frustrating. Is it any wonder that the hobby is in decline? Yes, yes, I realize this is another topic that has been trashed to death on the boards.

                            Back to the subject at hand. could happen, but it would take an effort from those with energy, time, ability to truly make it happen. Ryan? Tom? Perhaps something in conjunction with another city's club? The door is open.
                            Moto Kara Koi Kai ZNA

                            Lone Star Koi Club


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