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What makes for a good Soragoi?

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  • What makes for a good Soragoi?

    I know they're not particularly well liked, but I have fallen in love with this type. The fact that two of the three koi I rescued from the feeder goldfish tank are this variety sort of helps.

    I do know that these are fast growers, and personable... but aside from that, I've never seen any pointers in regards to things like color, i.e intensity, shade, whatever.
    I know that good body conformation would have to be a must, but is there anything else?

    My own fish are a very light silver gray, but I've seen some soragoi on the net that are far darker, like storm cloud gray.

    *looks around nervously then hides*
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    This is my Sorigoi, sorry it's a bit big for the small bowl. Her head colour changes with the seasons, from grey the same as the body colour to browny/grey as it is in the photo.



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      Please do not be ashamed of falling in love with any type of koi. We are all in love with CARP here, after all. Each and everyone of us are rare and crazy birds and must support each other in our addiction.


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        One of my favourites and always the first to be noticed by visitors because of her friendly nature.
        Jaco Vorster
        South Africa


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          Thankyou for the beautiful pictures. ^_^

          Jaco, your big girl is the same color as my two little guys. Nice to finally see another light colored one out there!

          I wish that I had proper pictures of my fish, but Yuki refuses to stay calm in a bowl for photos and will only actually stay still in my hand. -_- This naturally results in a side shot, so it doesn't really tell you much about him.


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            I have liked Soragoi since first one I saw, but never gotten one. If I see a speckle of a different color, or lack of even color on the head, or scales not perfectly aligned, etc etc, I get turned off. Some day there will be a soft gray uniformly colored and I'll not be able to hold back.


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              Their heads change color when the water is cooler, then change back. I like the pale dove blue ones. The silver gin rin scales go well with the blue grey skin. In disposition and build they are like a Chagoi and will do anything for food.


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                Mummmm what makes for a good soragoi? One that doesn't eat you out of house and home! JR


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                  MikeM: you mean like this one?

                  I really liked this one, but didn't end up buying it because of the imperfections you mentioned.

                  No Soragoi for me. Not yet. No chagoi types at all... but I think it would be hard to beat a couple of my Showas for friendliest fish.


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                    for tosai selection go with all you have to select from in the same bowl.
                    many times this koi are the results of ochiba culling so be sure and check to make sure there is no wayward scale clusters showing brown/gold.
                    after checking for body shape to include long head I always select the lightest colored one available. I've noticed in the NW region of the U.S. they darken as they grow and that keeps them from getting darker gray than what shows off the black nettting to good effect. I always thought if i ever tired of go sanke I would like to have a red and green chagoi,soragoi, and if I could ever find one again ( I saw it in the flesh so at least one koi existed) a blue cha. It was a male that was about 17 inches at the time. it was so expensive I couldn't see spending that much for a non gosanke. it still haunts me today, and I've foregotten hundreds of georgeous go- sanke! (lol) my experience is that they are friendly and healthy and that's a great start! I wouldn't fault anyone who finds them attractive!
                    Dick Benbow


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                      What about this one ?


                      I'm looking at a 15" Soragoi from Hirashin breeder.
                      Any opinions on this one ?
                      What do you think this fish is worth ?


                      sorry I have not figured out how to post on this board yet ops: (anyone wanna teach me ?)
                      The pictures at[email protected]


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                        Copy the picture to your computer. Where the 'Filename' box is (down below this message box), hit the 'Browse' button and find the file on your computer. That's it.


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                          Soragoi pictures: Worth buying ?

                          Ok lets see if this attachment works


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                            In addition to 'browse' there is also an 'add attachment' button. You need to 'browse' and then 'add attachment'.

                            Yeah, that threw me at first too.


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                              It was great getting to see all the pics! I finally got a few of my boy, but for some reason, he always shows up as green in every photo I take of him.

                              Oh, and don't mind the red fin.... It's something he's had problems with ever since I first bought him at 2 inches. It comes and goes at random even though water params are great. -_-


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