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  • What would you ask?

    Around March last year, ahead of my first trip to Momotaro, I asked posters on what question they would ask him.

    Thanks largely to Koi Bito mag and DVD many people know significantly more about Momotaro Koi Farm than 18 months ago.

    If you could ask Mr Maeda 3 questions what would they be?

    Mark Gardner
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    Just one question from me.

    Toshio Sakai set out to improve the sumi on Sanke and the growth potential of koi. In the process he has produced a fish that is instantly recognisable as his work, regardless of the breeder, the Matsonosuke hallmark is unmissable.

    Does Maeda San have similar goals and if so, what are the hallmarks we should look for?

    rgds Bern
    South East Koi Club


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      Yes Mark, thanks. I would ask him if his bakki shower design is modeled after aerobic trickle towers used in waste treatment plants or a modified activated sludge design? ( both organic processors)
      2) Does he believe that filamentous bacteria occupies the system?

      3) what are his thoughts on the value of water rich in keloidal particles?



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        Something that I would be interested in knowing.

        Since he uses a nearby river to continually change water in his ponds through the Bakki Showers, how does he plan to change that if and when KHV infected fish are found in the river?


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          Will you give me thatone? thatone? and thatone?


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            Where is Rose now?


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              What breeder(s) would you see in Nigata? Where are you getting your parent stock, if not from your own ponds?


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                Jason, how do you mean, 'What breeder(s) would you see in Nigata?'
                Mark Gardner


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                  i think it would be hard to ask 3 questions as you would be wanting to ask more and more to get all the knowledge you could while he was answering questions, just my opinion



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                    Originally posted by markgardner
                    Jason, how do you mean, 'What breeder(s) would you see in Nigata?'
                    I guess that doesn't translate well, does it? :?

                    The more interesting question, to my mind, is the second anyhow. But another way of putting the first question is: What breeder or breeders would you visit if in Nigata?

                    OR a different twist on the same sort of question: If you were buying koi for a friend's pond, which breeders or dealers would you choose from?


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                      River water is not used, no way!
                      Well or bore water is, from many hundreds of feet down but river water, no.

                      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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                        andrews right its well water thats used and pumped in,

                        paul :wink:


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                          I think the confusion comes in when Maeda says he has vast amounts of ground water from the river system. If you look around the area you see he has many mountains surrounding him. This creates a natural underground reservoir of hidded water from the rain, river and underground streams. All purified by the draining down through meters and meters of earth, gravel and stone. Here's a shot of the nearby passing river- Click to enlarge-enjoy. JR


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                            Where have all the culls gone, long time passing.


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                              Question for Mr Maeda

                              I understand when he was changing over to the new media and removed all his previous filter material and replaced with submerged bacteria house media, he also presser washed out the pond & filter bays

                              How did he go about introducing new filter bacteria and prevented new pond syndrome?

                              Thank you


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