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Koi Fish Disease (red skin)

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  • Koi Fish Disease (red skin)

    Good evening,

    I came to ask you for help with an unknown disease that affected my koi fishes in the last few months. Does anyone have any idea what can it be?

    Their skin has a unusual red color, they give some kind of somersaults in the water as they were having seizures or itch. They also have lost weight and eat just a little (sometimes ''vomit'' the food with medicine).

    Treatment already used without effect:
    Salt without iodine, tea tree oil and concentrated conditioner for marine and freshwater (called ''Prime'' indicated to remove chlorine, chloramine and ammonia).

    Here are some pictures I have made of them:

    PS: this disease seems to affect only koi fishes, because I also have goldfishes in the same tank that are apparently not affected.

    Thank you!!!
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