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Thinking about spawning this season

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    OMG! Has it really been almost two years since my last thoughts of spawning in season. I always think that this year "will be" the year I get the pairs together. I am so not ready to jump in. Again! I have several business trips this spring and summer time so another year will pass with no baby fry. I should just give it up. At least business is booming and I'm overwhelmed with work. Counting on the $$$ following right after. Hahaha. BIGGER Pond! I better fix our kitchen first. I keep dreaming year after year.


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      The tank used for spawning should be netted to prevent jumping out. Net can line the tank to capture eggs. The eggs stick to surfaces. A spawning rope is often used to capture eggs, and the soft material is thought to assist in inducing spawning.

      Often the prospective parents are placed together at the end of the day and spawn overnight or in the morning hours. If they have not spawned, they will be removed and the attempt made another time. So, no need for any filtration, which could suck up eggs. Airstone is sufficient. They won't be there long.

      Removal of eggs is best. Spawning water will be trashed.


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