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Fish died - only had two

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  • Fish died - only had two


    I have had a backyard pond with a skippy filter at one end and a pump at the other end for a long time. My neighbor purchased a huge tree so I took the container. He purchased a smaller tree and I took that container as well. I dug a deep hole for the really large contained. A smaller hole for the smaller container (a bit bigger than a round walmart container with the rope handles. Both containers were below a shelf constructed around the outside. And then put a flexible liner into both containers and up the shelf walls. The pond approaches 3 feet deep at its deepest.

    My skippy filter sits in a large planter filled with bio material and sits on one shelf. The water pumps into the bottom, up through the material and over the top of the container and falls back into the pond. Worked great for a number of years.

    This year I noticed I was having problems with my pump and got ready to replace it. I notice a lot of built of sludge so I started cleaning the pond and stirring the water. I was removing all the accumulation from the bottom and the shelves. I completely pumped out the water of the small container. And cleaned it (just water and vacuumed). I filled it with water but through a full house water filter with charcoal that I was told removed all the chlorine. I moved the fish to this clean fresh water last night and proceeded to pump out most of the water in the bigger container.

    The fish died overnight. They were just goldfish but I had them for a long time and they had gotten quite large. What caused them to die and what did I do wrong. When I get new fish, should I do something special?
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    If the small container wasn’t aeriated they may have just died of oxygen deprivation.


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      It seems likely that Rob's guess is correct. It could be that the charcoal filter is exhausted and did not remove all of the chlorine. It is only possible to guess at this point.

      Good luck with your replacements!


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        Originally posted by RobF View Post
        If the small container wasn’t aeriated they may have just died of oxygen deprivation.
        I wondered about that. I thought that overnight it would probably be fine. The filter on the whole house filter is new. I wondered if it were stress. The large contained was/is pretty nasty looking.

        I wasn't going to completely empty the large container. I was just going to empty half of it. They want to float when empty. Should I go ahead and empty it before adding fresh water?

        BTW - when I add gold fish I put in maybe 10 or 12. Maybe one or two last but I seldom see the fish floating on top. I never really know what happens to them. But the ones that survive live for years. I put a home made tote-box heater on the pond during the winter - but other than that I don't do much of anything.


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          Since you will be starting over, I would put in all fresh water. Do not scrub the sides. Good biofilm bacteria are established there. Use dechlorinated water.


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