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    What makes a good Gin Rin?

    The same as dressing a woman, do not overdo it , IMHO.

    Consider the French woman. The reason they look well is they do not overdo it. They dress in an understated fashion using high quality fabrics of usually neutral colors, and have one noticeable peice of jewelry, or a single stand out accessory such as a scarf or great purse. The over all effect is you notice the woman not all the stuff she has on. I feel it is the same with Gin Rin.

    In a gaudy creature such as a showa or any two or three color variety I think it is distracting and overwhelming to have on all that jewelry and those multiple colors. But in a solid self color fish with gin good scalation it is lovely. The gin lin on a benigoi sets orange flame to play across the red fish and it is pleasing. The bronze green and orange fire agate ginrin on a Chagoi dresses up and compliments these rather plain fat girls and they look magnificent, their large voluptuous bodies may be appreciated without the distractions of pattern. I do beleive that a fine dove blue Soragoi is much improved by the silver she carries, it compliments the color of the koi and you get to notice her powerful physique, like an opera singer diva in her tight sequined gown, waddling into the spotlight and stealing the show. I am having fun here but do you know what I mean? I think gin lin looks best on understated, mono color breeds because it does not overdress them.
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    Why do all French women have motoguru? :wink: :wink: :wink:

    rgds BERN
    South East Koi Club


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      gin rin scales on some of my kohaku look fine and the chagoi has some too but I can see your point SMG show us a picture of this fish you are talking about. It all about individual preference. I know some people want to buy koi with long fins now they do not appeal to me at all but some people like them so i guess that is similar to your gin rin appeal. Gin rin is more appealing when the fish has a nice covering of the scales not one here and there. I crossed a doitsu and a scaled fish and the offsping have mixed up scalation not all but some that certainly detracts from their appeal
      The perfect koi is always one purchase or spawning away!


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        Shiromujigirl - Never thought of it that way on single colored koi but I would have to agree with you. For some reason I don't even look at gosanke with gin rin scales as they just don't do it for me. In fact not a gin rin fan to be honest. Enjoy looking at a nice specimen but never had the urge to own one except in the case of a chagoi or more perferably a soragoi with nice scalation. Tends to add abit of beauty to one of these understated varieties.
        And Bern - Thanks for the chuckle!


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          Depending on kois

          I have one each of ginrin chagoi(green), ochiba, and platinum. The ginrin quality is not very good on these kois. To me, they look

          However, I saw a picture of a ginrin goshikii somewhere. Wow! Looks like living diamond!

          Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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            My favorite gin rin is hiroshima style or pearle. it looks best to my eyes on a black and white koi. because like all women from many cultures,
            black is shiek. (i'd love to ask bern about his comments but i'm afraid to go there) I don't own one but I have a little two year old gin rin shiro, I bred two years ago that i look for everytime I visit my "babies". I've kinda been hiding him away in case anything happens to his dad. I appreciate threads like this one and the soragoi and cha ones because
            it's something that allows us to express our feelings and what koi appeal to our individual tastes as opposed to whether we should use a certain media and how much water has to be exchanged in order to be politically correct. ( quess I wore myself out on the bakki thread ) and am ready for some different interests. did i mention asagi's? (lol)
            Dick Benbow


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              I was speaking with a friend of mine tonight and he was telling me how much he likes the gin rin ki-goi. I sent him this picture. This picture was taken the summer of 2001. All these koi were about 6".


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                I have a gin rin Goshiki and she looks like a Christmas ornament.

                Perhaps Bern is into the black glove accessory 8)

                Dick, do you like Asagi gin rin or are they an abomination?

                There is no politically correct thing here. If anyone likes a gin rin please say which one and why you like them.


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                  For me there is only two varieties that looks great with ginrin and they are Shiro Utsuri and a Benigoi.On Shiro it enhances the white to a translucent state and on a Benigoi it makes them stand out head and shoulders in any pond.And Bern I believe more Italian woman have motoguru.
                  Jaco Vorster
                  South Africa


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                    Although gin rin gives a different perspective to chagoi, sorigoi and Asagi, I feel the loss of reticulation is to high a price. You lose the ‘natures perfection’ in my mind.
                    For me, I can cope with gin rin on Kigoi, benigoi, platinum, yamabuki and the odd showa.
                    But must admit, I’m not the greatest fan.

                    Jaco, you've grasped the motoguro thing I see. ops:


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                      I'd never given this a thought before, but I think the Lady makes a lot of sense. I have only one Ginrin in my pond now and thats a Matsukawabake, the only other I've had was a Tancho Kohaku, which fitted the understated dress code notion to a tee. She wore a beret, very French but no motoguru.

                      At last years Dutch show I was in the team that judged size 4 and when it came to Ginrin A there were only two candidates. One a Hi-showa and the other a regular Showa.

                      The Hi-showa had no GR on the sumi (which was highly polished), just on the beni. The other showa had it from head to tail.

                      To me the Hi-showa looked more attractive. It was blessed with a better body too. Truly a case of less is more.

                      The regular Showa's pattern and colours was swamped by the GR.

                      rgds Bern
                      South East Koi Club


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                        Ok Gin Rin Asagi for me if very nice. Its kinda like a crunched up piece of foil. Plus I like it cause its not every day you see one. I also like Gin Rin Platinum. Maybe I like those 2 because I have both. To me I really look for that luster shine througout the body. Yes those Goshiki's in gin Rin look awesome as well. I agree with SMG they look good on plain colored koi.

                        French women with Motoguro is fine as long as confirmation is good. DOH! :shock:
                        It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                          Just be grateful it's motoguro not ti beri! :wink:

                          "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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                            Interesting statement about the ginrin showa, no ginrin on the sumi.

                            Look very, very closely, I bet there is ginrin on the sumi. I've seen this in only one other showa in over 20 years.

                            The sumi is so strong that the ginrin cannot shine through it. In the case of the other showa with ginrin end to end, I bet the sumi isn;t as black.

                            I like ginrin because it sells good.

                            Don't much care for any chagoi, soragoi, or other such with or without ginrin. Might as well keep a river carp, can't hardly tell one of them from a chagoi anyhow. I have seen ginrin on river carp, also on grass carp and even on largemouth bass. It is not an effect limited to koi. It is an adaptive disadvantage for "wild" fish though.

                            I like ginrin kohaku best. Like the effect of silver scales in the white and gold ones in the red.

                            I prefer the beta gin arranged in straight lines. On some fish, Hiroshima style ginrin (sprays instead of lines) looks very powerful and is fun to see.

                            In all my years of breeding I only have produced one koi with true "pearl ginrin". A shiny, translucent pearl at the center of each scale. The fish was a sanke and it was sold for a considerable sum to a collector that does not show fish.

                            If you are looking for a ginrin look for strenght in the area of weakness. Right on the shoulder immediatly behind the head. Usually that spot has weak or non-existant ginrin scales. If the ginrin is strong there, it should be strong everywhere. The other place to look is on the belly. If the ginrin scales go all the way around, it is usually strong ginrin.

                            Flashy, gaudy, gausch, whatever, it sells good.



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                              Yeah, absolutly right. Gin was there under the sumi but the sumi was so thick it was very hard to see.

                              rgds BERN
                              South East Koi Club


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