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Something to make feeling good.

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  • Something to make feeling good.

    Yesterday I was in koi shop. A person which was deaf and mute comes in bought near 40 fishes in 3 inch size and left. After his gone I asked where he want to keep 40 fishes?
    My friend said. I don't know some times he come and buy 30, 40 fishes and I give him 50% discount. After near 2 hours he comes back for buying fish food.
    I write him, where do you keep this fishes?
    He said. I am not keeping them. Children will keep. He with some other friends doing something for deaf and mute children in their schools. They makes aquariums for them and for each child give a fish. They feed them and will try to care. Koi is very peaceful beauty and kindness and children loves them.
    I asked, why you choose fish?
    He said: fishes are mute like us and I think we understand each other better.
    He said: may be some people think I am not fortunate because I cannot lessen and speak likewise theme. But I am really fortunate and I feel it when I see smile and joy of deaf-mute children and their happiness with this little fishes.

    There is nothing to stop to feeling good, fortunate and happiness.
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    Yes, Reza. Koi are peaceful and relaxing to look at. Which is why I take effort to make sure they are healthy and happy. When they come up to me for a pat, they are greeting me. Inside me I can hear the bark of a dog and the purr of a cat. Thanks for sharing.


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      Nice story. Thanks for sharing that .

      ZNA Potomac Koi Club


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        Thanks friends.In my opinion that person is very genteel one. He makes very big happiness by his work. He has respect of many people for his great heart and work and I will try to join him.
        I believe by giving happiness, kindness and friendship we will gain more happiness more kindness and more friendship.


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