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Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show 2017

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  • Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show 2017

    Mark your calendar now for the Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show 2017.

    When: The dates are March 10-12, 2017 (with early vendor set-up beginning at Noon on Thursday, March 9).

    Where: NEW VENUE: DoubleTree Hotel in Orlando (across from Universal Studios).

    Those reading closely will realize that I have inserted "& Goldfish" in the show title. We added a goldfish show as a 'nice little extra' a few years ago. But, in 2015 it was largest in the country, and in 2016 grew by around 50%. There were about as many goldfish in competition as there were koi, and we drew some attendees to the goldfish show who would not have come 'just' to see koi. Personally, I've not quite figured out the attraction of intentionally deformed interbreeding. But, after seeing some tiny guys fly out of a sale tank at $250 each , it is clear that I'm lacking in my appreciation of the finer points. So, although it is officially CFKS, for promotion purposes, I'm starting to refer to CFK&GS. ....We'll see how folks react.

    PS… Really mark your calendar. It is 9 months away, but we don't want to lose your attendance because you scheduled a Florida vacation the wrong week!
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    Mike we just booked the hotel today...we'll be there


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      We reschedule or club's March meeting so folks can head south.
      Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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        Hey, Graham! ...You were missed. We managed getting the air system set up without you, but it was not same without your good humor.


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          Originally posted by MCA View Post
          We reschedule or club's March meeting so folks can head south.
          The show has become special because of the participation of of all our friends from Georgia... and Canada, and Texas and the mid-Atlantic and so many other regions. Folks get energized to make it worth the travel.


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            Originally posted by MikeM View Post
            Hey, Graham! ...You were missed. We managed getting the air system set up without you, but it was not same without your good humor.
            I agree, Graham was missed.


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              News flash....update

              UPDATE!! … The Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show Is Moving…. As some already know, CFK&GS got quite a surprise in mid-October. The hotel where the show has been held for over a decade was sold and the new owner announced it was being shut down for a full renovation. CFK&GS suddenly had no venue. But, we were not about to cancel. After researching and visiting dozens of potential sites, all of which had strengths and weaknesses, we found one that could accommodate all of our activities, on the same dates, and which, after much negotiating, was financially feasible. The "Orlando Show" will still be held March 10-12, 2017. The new location is the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 5780 Major Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819, located across from the Universal Studios theme park at the intersection of Major Blvd. and Kirkman Rd. For those familiar with Orlando, the DoubleTree is the 'twin towers' hotel readily seen from I-4 by all who drive through.

              So, CFK&GS will be back in 2017 as the largest judged koi show in the Eastern U.S., and the largest goldfish show in the country. The judged goldfish show, now in its fifth year, has grown to be an attraction in itself. Thanks to strong continuing vendor support, there will still be over 35 vendors from across the nation with koi, goldfish, pond supplies, aquatic plants, garden art and more. For 2017, the show is proud to be hosting ZNA America and will conduct a koi judging seminar accredited by ZNA Japan. As usual, there will be a seminar series with presentations on koi, goldfish and ponds being conducted all day Saturday beginning at 9:00am. Show Hours: Fri. March 10 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; Sat. March 11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sun., March 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sponsored by ZNA Southern Koi Association and the koi clubs of Orlando, Florida East Coast, Rainbow River and Gainesville. Free admission. (Seminar series on Saturday is $10 for the day. There is a hotel parking charge. Be sure to tell the pay window you were attending the show to get your discount.) More information will be found on the show website as it gets updated. Visit Central Florida Koi Show .


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                I remember the Holidays Inn was a good venue for the show. I wonder why you guys are moving to the new venue. Something we want to learn from.

                We have a very good location as of today for our NorCal show, but continue to look for a better/permanent location for our show.


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                  Yes, Dinh, the old Holiday Inn had a good lay-out for a koi show. The room accommodations were OK, but nothing to get excited about. When it was sold and became I-Palms, there were some superficial improvements and it remained an excellent facility for a koi show, but we did hear complaints about room upkeep not being what it should be. But, whenever we looked around for another site, we concluded the I-Palms won out. With the hotel's latest owners shutting it down for a complete renovation, we had to find another site quickly. Most alternatives would have required eliminating some activity either due to space limits or to be affordable. Some locations that might be made to work were distant from hotel accommodations for the many people who travel to the show.... over 5 miles away in one case. We did not think the DoubleTree would work for us at first, but when they made available a large parking area for our show tent and were flexible in meeting our financial limits, it became an easy choice. The DoubleTree is far superior to the old I-Palms as a facility. The show will take a bit of a financial hit, but we can make it work. We will need to increase publicity to be sure folks know of the move. But, this move may turn out to be the start of a bigger and better extravaganza of koi... and goldfish!


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                    2017 CFKS is now flying all over the world ....



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                      Thank you, Dinh.


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                        The Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show has quite a line-up of vendors for the 2017 show being held March 10-12 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Orlando (across from Universal Studios). All the vendor spaces we had planned have been taken. We may be able to create a space or two without getting too crowded, but our quota for koi dealers has been met (with several on the wait list). So, it is 'dry vendors only' at this point. For more info on the show, go to Central Florida Koi Show .

                        Peters & Son Koi
                        Blackwater Creek Koi Farm
                        Aquatic Nutrition
                        Koi Smart Pond Supply
                        Koi Acres
                        Purdin Koi
                        Anjon Watergardens
                        Fish Corner
                        Yoshikigoi USA/ Koi Market
                        USA Koi
                        Nijikawa Koi Food
                        Bristol Koi Farm
                        Ultra Balance Koi Food
                        Genki Nishikigoi
                        Beni Hanna Nishikigoi
                        Aquatic Equipment & Design
                        Kodama Koi Farm
                        Champion Koi
                        Ecological Laboratories/MicrobeLift
                        Southwest Koi & Goldfish (Goldfish only)
                        Razorback Koi
                        Lady Ronin (Christin Hauenstein Art)
                        Schroettinger's Samurai Scaled Koi
                        Wonders of Water
                        Florida's Finest Aquatics
                        Painting Meets Pottery (Erin Drew )
                        GC Tek
                        Barstow Koi Farm
                        ASR- Aquatic Systems & Resources
                        Deepwater Koi Innovations
                        Happy Koi of Greenville
                        Embroidery By Denise

                        So many vendors come from out of state! It's going to be a great show.


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                          CENTRAL FLORIDA KOI & GOLDFISH SHOW, March 10-12, 2017
                          DoubleTree Hotel, 5780 Major Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819
                          (across from Universal Studios)

                          The big show is this coming weekend! Come on Friday for the best selection at the 35+ vendors, and the ZNA judging seminar. Come on Saturday to see the judging, and to take in the seminar series. The line-up of seminar speakers assures something of interest to everyone:

                          2017 Seminar Schedule
                          March 11, 2017
                          Central Florida Koi Show

                          9-9:45 Ernest Drissen – Owner, Yoshikigoi Koi Farm in Poland

                          10-10:45 Michelle Gravenish – AKJA Candidate Judge, Components of
                          nishikigoi conformation

                          11-11:45 Steve Childers – Filtration and pond design

                          1-1:45 Mat McCann – Beni Hanna Nishikigoi, Tategoi Aquaponics

                          2-2:45 Jonathon Keener, DVM – Basic Husbandry and Diseases

                          3-3:45 Khun Plathong – Fish Corner, Goldfish, Goldfish, Goldfish!!!

                          It's going to be a koi and goldfish extravaganza!


                          All content and images copyright of: