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Egg bound (?) now green fungus on tail and fins!

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  • Egg bound (?) now green fungus on tail and fins!

    First, I though Koi spawn in early spring or at least when the weather was cooler than it has been here in TN lately - at least 90 degrees F! It has been raining constantly lately but still very hot. 2nd: My koi actually spawn last week and now - yesterday - this little lady has floated to the top!! I've had these Koi for YEARS and never had one do this! But, then, I've never had them spawn so late in the year. I'm assuming she is egg bound? She is swollen and missing a lot of her scales down by her urogenital opening. I have placed the tank of water I transferred her to into partial sun to warm the water up some (as I read to do on my "egg bound" Koi care research)... so that I can try to gently expel the fry...nothing has come out yet except a small amount of liquid. I do not want to do anything else to her just yet. Like I said, I've had these Koi for years with no new additions. None of the other - of the 20 Koi I have - show any signs of this "fungus". There is alga along the liner of the pond but the water itself is clear. The "fungus" growing on her tail and fins looks like alga BUT it is spreading. Any advice?
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    "so that I can try to gently expel the fry..." I meant so I can expel the eggs...not the fry...


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      My guess is that she lost scales during the spawning due to the nudging and bumping that occurs. It appears that she did not release all of her eggs during the spawning, but I cannot say whether she is 'egg-bound'. She may well have some bruising. They often do after spawning. I get concerned about keeping a koi in separate containers unless set up long in advance with a dedicated filter system. I would focus on making sure the water in the pond is in good shape. It is usually poor after a spawning. A couple of large water changes may be in order. High water quality is the best thing for the natural immune system to fight off any infection and heal from the roughness of spawning. Some would suggest adding a little salt to the pond, but I question it doing any good if there are no visible breaks/wounds. A lot of times, peace and quiet does more than anything, and too much attention just stresses the fish, suppressing the immune system.

      If there is some internal blockage preventing her from expelling her eggs, about all you can do is fast the koi to encourage egg absorption.


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