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NNBC/Koi Delux findings

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  • NNBC/Koi Delux findings

    Here is the breeder Katsumi Fukushima, which is the leader of NNBC (Niigata Nishikigoi Breeders Corporation). He is very nice and moreover very respected among his breeder colleagues in Niigata (sometimes childhood friends!), but also in other places of Japan. Internationally, he is especially known for breeding high quality eccentric varieties such as : -Doitsu Ochiba -Doitsu Metallic Ochiba -Kumonryu -Beni Kumonryu (I have personally witnessed a 70cm+ jumbo) -Ginga -Beni Ginga -Gin Rin Goromo -Gin rin hariwake -Kikokuryu -Beni Kikokuryu -Ki utsuri (some are Kage) -Matsukawabake -Beni Matsukawabake - Kihakuryu (sometimes akame) -And many others…
    However, he is not only a breeder. He works also as a mediator between the other breeders (to facilitate the exchange of stocks, varieties, bloodlines), and as an agent/exporter for importers all around the globe (helping them personally when they come to japan, and of course sharing his knowledge).

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    Thanks for posting about these, Alex. Everybody likes to see photos of nice koi. Telling about their breeding and development of varieties, however, is what gets my attention. The big advances in koi have been made, especially among gosanke. Even superb GinRin gosanke are no longer super-rare, even if not plentiful. Breeders now focus on incremental improvements in the gosanke that are so slight that many hobbyists do not take note. To get a major development requires real experimentation, like Brian's crossing of Karashigoi with Kohaku and Goshiki. Not many breeders can justify the space and expense of a cross that likely will produce a lot of junk.... Very risky to the bottom line. The "eccentric" varieties as the ones where the most dramatic improvements can be found. Serious hobbyists have developed a justifiable bias against the metallic/ginrin/doitsu "pretty, sparkly, cute, little koi". For decades they have caught the eye of the novice and grown to be washed-out, dull, misshaped, not-very-pretty-at-all adult koi. But, that is changing with a few breeders working on creating lines of these eye-catching koi that can hold their beauty. Over the next decade, I expect some real progress will occur. ...I'd love to have doitsu metallics that kept strong pigment and shine at 80cm. A 90cm Lemon Hariwake that was as bright and shining as the 25cm tosai seen for sale would be phenomenal. Maybe in 20 years????

    I am hoping you can report on what you learn about NNBC's breeding program.


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      OK, I'll explain with pleasure. Also, I have already some knowledge on the great improvements that Katsumi did in the eccentric varieties but we will talk with him for more details (just allow me time) ; I'll update later.

      Then for the karashi crossbreeding, I answered precisely in the other thread and explained the work of konishi around it.


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        Looking forward to more.


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