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Finding leak in pond (EPDM liner)

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  • Finding leak in pond (EPDM liner)

    Or at least I think it is in the pond, Of course it would start leaking during a week of rain not during the other 350 days of desert sun. I need to talk to God about his twisted sense of humor.
    Since it was a sudden 6-10" drop overnight in a pond that we have not messed with in months beyond feeding the fish my first guess would have been a gopher but eliminating that and the hole is smaller how does one locate it? I was thinking a dribble of milk near the edges and see if there is an outward flow, However, I realized that that might not be the best idea since fish along with birds & reptiles are lactose intolerant.
    So any methods from more experienced pond owners? thin plastic painters sheeting and see where it gets sucked to? second method I thought of after I had refilled the pond but the waterfall is inflating it and pulling it away from the pond wall.
    Third option was to ask people who know what they are doing how to find a leak.
    Okay, how do you find a leak?
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    First thing to try is to leave it alone and see how low the water gets. When the level stabilizes, the leak is along the water line. Of course, if it leaks so low that it endangers the fish, this does not help. But, at least you know the leak is below the level where you decided the fish were in danger.

    You can continue letting it leak out after the fish are removed to a holding tank... Intex air-ring type pool may be cheapest temporary holding tank if you do not have something adequate on hand.

    Be sure to check all plumbing, especially around the waterfall. Waterfalls are notorious for leaks. You might turn off the waterfall first & see if it continues to leak before doing anything else.

    The leak could be in underground plumbing, but if there hasn't been any digging etc. lately, it would be unusual to have a rapid underground leak. Could be, but unusual.

    There are patches available that do work for repairing small holes in the liner.


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