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First Shimmi on Kohaku

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  • First Shimmi on Kohaku

    Hey all, its been a while that I've visited here. I had to update my link too.

    Anyway, this weekend while doing my weekly water changes, I noticed that two of my male Kohaku (Dainichi) popped a couple dark shimmi on their backs for the first time. I checked my water and the pH that I always fight with was low 6.0-6.5 pH. Water changes got the pH back to where it needs to be over the weekend, but I'm guessing these shimmi will never to away. I don't have show koi, but I don't want my kohaku to start looking like sanke mistakes. Should I expect more shimmi to arrive now that the spots popped out? Makes me sad as I thought I was doing fine with my Kohakus (guess not)
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    First, it is not your fault. Second, there is no telling what will happen.

    I have too much experience with shimmies on Kohaku to ever try to predict what will happen. I can sum it up with the history of one Kohaku. About a year after I got her, a shimmie popped up seemingly overnight. Then another and another. Then they all went away. Then they came back. So it went for years. She was quite a beauty otherwise, but I could not take her to a show because there was always a shimmie or two. She peaked when about 7 years old. Then about 5 years ago, the shimmies happened to go away at the time of the Central Florida Koi Show, so I took her for the first time. She was well past her peak, but at over 90cm, she was a grand fish. She got the Jumbo Award that year. A couple of months later, a big shimmie popped up. It stayed for the rest of her life. She passed away about a year ago. I long ago swore to myself never to get another Kohaku. But, I caved in getting one bred by Mat McCann that I saw come out of the mud at harvest time. She is now a fairly good sized koi and has never had a shimmie. ....All in the same pond, same water, same filtration, same maintenance practices, etc., etc. Go figure.

    The fault is not in you, it is in the stars.


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      Thanks for the words Mike. Sorry to hear about your big girl passing last year. So hopefully there is a chance the shimmies will fade-in/fade-out. I am trying heavier water changes twice a week now to see how this goes. Plus summer is right around the corner, so just starting the regiment a few months earlier.

      The males are my first Kohaku buys that I got as a grow project. The third male in this group is still holding on with no shimmi (I checked good), they are 4-1/2 years old now. I definitely learned a lot about Kohaku with these fellas. Amazing how each are so different when observing their growth and development side by side. I need a larger pond to do more grow-outs! Haha. Don't we all.


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