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time to produce ammonia and feces?

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  • time to produce ammonia and feces?

    Does anyone know or have read how long it takes in warm water after a koi has eaten before the corresponding ammonia starts to be produced and the food completely transits the gut with the release of feces? Strikes me it would be in the 4-6 hour range for ammonia from the food and less than 24 hours for digestion to be finished with any feces being release.
    I can not remember any of my koi books giving time frames for digestion. I know it could vary with koi size, water temp, and maybe the type of food.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.
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    Good questions. I have no idea regarding increased ammonia production. Regarding feces, consider the experience of those who show. Some fast for 5 days to be sure the gut is clear. I have found 4 days sufficient. I have not tried a shorter time. Some report it takes longer in cooler water. I expect it would vary somewhat according to the food. Although you can come across talk of constipated koi, I have my doubts that koi get constipated like a terrestrial mammal evolved to absorb water through the digestive tract. But, I do think foods with high percentages of non-digestible ingredients (like rice hulls, other grains not de-hulled, cracked corn) would take less time.


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