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First Momotaro Auction of 2019: October 7 & 8

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  • First Momotaro Auction of 2019: October 7 & 8

    The photos & video are posted for great eye candy... and my annual opportunity to study how the Momotaro breeding program progresses. It's a 'koi nerd' sort of thing, but I look forward to it.

    There are also auctions at Dainichi and Sakai (SFF) with similarly excellent opportunities to study them. The mass of superb koi produced by these three breeders is mind-boggling!
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    I hope that it will be a successful event, keep us posted on the event the moment it is done.


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      It actually sounds pretty interesting. Previously, I was absolutely not fond of exhibitions and auctions, but the last year has completely changed me in many ways. I started to get more interested in art and painting and started spending a lot of money on paintings. I found a great art auction houses bay area and have been working with them for over a year. They recently reopened after the pandemic and started working, and this is good news. I am glad to know about them and that they have such cool paintings that have added to my collection.


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        The breeder auctions do not have public results. Attendees are professional dealers acting for their own account or for client customers. Only dealers attend. Unless a participant chooses to discuss their own bidding, it is rare to learn what took place. People enjoy seeing the koi up for auction. I find it educational to study the offerings. Over a period of years, one can discern trends in the direction the leading breeders are going. This thread concerned the first auction of the 2019 harvest season. The 2020 auctions will be announced soon. Those interested should check the Momotaro, Dainichi and SFF websites in a couple of weeks for announcements of auction dates, which will be followed by the posting of photos and videos in the period leading up to the event.


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