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    I have a 2500 part raised pump fed pond, I want to put in a new gravity fed pond. My wife wants the new pond level with the ground finished with rocks plants etc.I am thinking of a Nexus 320 my problem is a Nexus is approx 40 inches in height, how do I dig this in to the level of the pond and be able to flush it.
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    Many of us are in your situation. The Nexus will go in a filter pit so that gravity flow works. Getting things level takes careful attention when digging and laying the bottom of the pit. Note: The fine print in the Nexus warranty says the filter must be on a level floor w/o any support columns/pads. (I think the majority of folks end up breaching this requirement because they need some adjustment after pouring a concrete floor in the pit that is not at precisely the right elevation to match the pond water level. It give EA an excuse to say warranty is voided.)

    Then, in the pit you install a sump.. i.e., a second hole in which a container is placed to capture discharged water. There are various plastic sump basins available from less that $30 to over $500. Size/depth/thickness of plastic determine cost. Drain line is installed from Nexus to the sump. In it you place a sump pump, which is attached to a screw-in pipe that will discharge to wherever you set up a drainage area. (Mine goes into the garden.) The pipe attached to the pump must be capable of being detached from the drainage discharge line so that it and the pump can be removed from the sump for cleaning out 'stuff' that blocks the pump inlet.... something always manages to get in that eventually blocks the sump pump. Best think I know is to use a Fernco coupling.

    ...I will repeat something I have said many times. If I ever build another pond, the first thing I'll do is build a hill to put it on so no sump is needed and everything is gravity flow.


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      Thank you for your reply. I live in the north of Ireland and one of the big problems we have here is about 300 days a year of rain.l will need a large pit and a very big sump because the pit will flood but as you say a good pump should cure the problem.


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        I do not know what you have available in Ireland. I use a Zoeller sump pump...

        In the 15 years my pond has been in operation, I have used two. The first one burnt out while I was away. A stick somehow got in & blocked the float valve so it kept running dry for a week. The replacement has operated just fine for 10+ years. Never figured out how that stick got there or where it came from. I'd blame 'one of the kids in the neighborhood', but there really aren't any who ever come around.


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