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  • Cool Water Effects

    This weekend I took some pics. The contrast between a pic taken last August when temps were high, and the same fish with water temp around 68F is so great, I thought I'd share.

    This is a male gin rin sanke that has now completed his 5th growing season. As nisai, there was sumi evenly distributed on both sides. It faded during the 3rd growing season. Summer of 2002, all sumi faded away at one point. Last winter it re-emerged, but only weakly. This past summer it again went down, but not completely. This winter it has re-emerged more strongly than last year, but only on one side. Maybe at age 8 it will start to get fixed? [He was 24" in Aug. 2003. Have not measured since then.]
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    Too many pixels! I will need to downsize photos to post later.


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      This guy was named "Magnifico" by my daughter when he was purchased in March 2001 because he reminded her of a bullfighter. I'll not try to explain.


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        Those were from last August. The Hi was very orangey and sumi slight. These are from the past weekend. These pics make the Hi seem redder than it actually is, but it truly is red now.

        It is a curious thing how this fish changes with the seasons. I wonder what his winter attire would be if the water temps went below 65F.


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          Unfortunately my downsizing/close-up skills are not very good, so the distinctions I wanted to show do not show up as well as intended. But, if you click on the photos to enlarge them, I think you can get the point.


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