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KHV, Gene Pool Isolation & Future Koi

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  • KHV, Gene Pool Isolation & Future Koi

    JR raised an interesting point about the historical creation of different gene pools among carp, which would give rise to different phenotypes etc, leading in turn to greater potential variation for development of nishikigoi. While JR was speaking on a grand time scale and continents of separation, the same processes can occur on a different level in cultivated populations of fish, mammals and plants. The huge number of color varieties of the common aquarium platy is due in significant part to separation of breeding populations on many tropical fish farms.

    Among koi breeders, there has been a long tradition of trading fish, particularly within certain circles. In this way breeders have helped one another through difficult times and tough competitive periods. ... providing/lending parent fish, splitting fry with a another whose spawnings did not do well, etc. This has allowed breeders to survive and at the same time advanced desirable genetic traits among koi. The number of koi farms that acquired breeding stock from Dainichi seems to be virtually limitless from what I've read.

    Now the KHV threat has caused top breeders in the U.S. to close their facilities to outside fish even more tightly. It seems koi breeders in Japan are starting to become concerned and may become reluctant to trade as readily. I doubt a complete change is immediately on the horizon, but I suspect a single outbreak at a name breeder, even a small one, would alter the traditions radically.

    All of which makes me wonder how it may affect future development of koi ... and how it might be affecting current breeding/spawning plans for the 2004 season. I can imagine the most successful breeders in-breeding more than in the past and the marginal breeders being further disadvantaged competitively. The short run impact would likely be imperceptible. The long term ramifications .... ? Who knows.
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    Isolated pools

    Hi Mike,

    Yep, no doubt there will be some changes in habits of breeders. I have to think it will be for the better regarding "looks" and characteristics of Koi produced. Right now there seems to be less creativity in breeding, as many breeders are "borrowing" from a very few top breeders stocks,... resulting in production of "more of the same", rather than creative or elegant looks formed from true artistic passion. I think with less trading and borrowing of stocks, some breeders will again look at their own stocks with a creative eye. Because the "business" has gotten larger, and the competetion is high though,... overall we will see little change,... in the big picture.

    A fascinating question you've posed.

    Best Wishes,
    Brady Brandwood


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      Now, Brady, whenever you want to change the topic, just post a picture like that. What a grand lady in the middle.


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