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  • Tosai to Nisai

    Last summer pictures were posted of two gin rin sanke I got as 4-5" tosai from Mat McCann. Here is how they changed from August 2003 to February 2004.
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    Here's another shot from August 2003


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      Feb shots have too many pixels. Will return later.


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        Here is the male as of February 2004


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          And the female


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            In August 2003 they had grown from 4-5" to 11+". In February 2004 the male with the heavy sumi was over 16" and the female just under 16". The sumi which had erupted all over the male in early summer 2003 was beginning to break up. Still not sure what that sumi is going to do. The female has stayed pretty much the same, just growing & filling out. Mat informed me that there is showa blood mixed in the parents, so these siblings are showing different traits from same parents. Curious how alike they are and at the same time the sumi acts so differently.


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              hi Mike!
              nice job on raising those babies! the beauty of getting things from Mat is that your getting the benefits of Toshio sakai's bloodlines and knowledge.
              Sanke black like what your seeing is typical of matsunosuke. up, down,
              up! and it's no secret that to develop a fabulous black in showa you need the sanke black so the blood is quite often mixed in. Toshio does not get alot of publicity on his GR but I have seen some of his showa GR's and they are georgeous! Ask him about his ability to breed showa and he down plays it! also my comments are not to take anything away from mat!
              He's a sharp guy with a good teacher so you can imagine what to expect from the guy. thanks for sharing the photos!
              Dick Benbow


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